Wednesday, October 14, 2009

october 14: blurred

"I have eight chocolate chips and ten chocolate chips and eleven chocolate chips," Madeleine informs me.
"Eight and ten and eleven?!? That's twenty-nine!"
"That's almost like all day," says she.

"Mom. I thought of a great experiment. First we can put the chocolate chips in a jar, then put the lid on... and then let them out!"
Hmmm... I wonder where we'd let them out To??

To the Rink! To meet friends.

"Can Damek sleep over?"
I think it was The Quietest Sleepover That Ever Was. :) Must a' been all that rallyin' all day.

Now we're well into the morning after.
Prob'ly we'll see you tonight.


  1. Oh what fun you are all having!

  2. Oh my gosh, I miss roller skating! What fun!!!

  3. Oh that looks like too much fun....ahhh the hours I spent roller skating as a girl!


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