Sunday, October 11, 2009

october 11th:

Yesterday's science fair was the perfect thing for swooshing us back into our regular groove.
We learned lots of really cool things at the festival... including that this year is the 140th anniversary of Mendeleev’s Periodic Table of the Elements. (Thus the Element theme.)

We learned that carbon dioxide (dry ice gas) will enlarge bubbles. (Regular bubbles; they just grow until they get too heavy and sink and either freeze or burst onto the ice.)
We learned that magnesium is very, very light!
We saw that oxygen can change some liquids.
We got to play with extracting iron from cereal (we'll be doing that one.)
And we got to play with acids and bases.

Before we were all the way up and out of bed this morning I had plopped my stack of library books onto my bed... ready to see what fine things awaited us in that fabulous stack of science.

Which of course led to a simple experiment or two before we were even up.
Maddie and I also checked out Extremely Weird Micro Monsters which I think will be fascinating as well as very informative. This morning we learned some new things about Erythrocytes and Lymphocytes (red blood cells and white blood cells).
Again... before we were out of bed.
A mama has to appreciate that.

Then we're up and reading.
Daddy reads to Maddie in her room
and Mama and Trev sit down to read Life On Earth- The Story of Evolution.
A great book on elementary evolution. A few things that we didn't know, a bit about how Darwin formed his theory, and it goes through natural selection and how things adapt and evolve.

We played with Chromatography.

And the calculator.

And other cool things.

We were invited to play with a favorite friend of ours... to wish him a Happy Birthday!
We love you, Kyan!
Lastly we got one more chance to see and love our extended family
so we were off...One more time was nice.

We wish them Godspeed.

Another day full of lots of lovely things.
Just the way we like it.


  1. I'm so excited to learn about Chemistry next year. There seem to be many great resources out there for children on the topic.

    I'll have to see if they have "Life on Earth" at our library. We're about to begin on evolution and ancient life forms this week!

  2. Yes! Love the Chromatography!

  3. First- that is a gorgeous group of happy kids on the stairs!

    Don't know how the table of elements birthday got by us ~ thank you for enlightening us. Owen is still pretty jazzed about learning all the different properties of the elements.

    We love Basher's, The Periodic Table: Elements with Style.

    Oh and I see Lisa ( 5 orange potatoes) has got some groovy elements stuff going on at her blog :)

  4. What a great group photo that is with all those happy faces! I can't help but wonder who/what got them all laughing. :)

  5. Uncle Mike was doing funny things to Aunt Kim! -lifting her hair up crazily, making it look like she had four arms, etc. :)

  6. ok, someone share with me about Chromatography. it looks like fun. so tell what you do?

  7. Hi Martha!
    Chromatography is separating things after they have been blended or mixed.

    On a coffee filter, make lines or drawings with markers. We found that lines work best.
    Trev's was my favorite, and it was just a green line around the edge of the filter.
    Put it in a pan, and then either use a dropper to wet the bottom of your filter -all the way around- so that it will draw up water, or place the filter in shallow water (we thought the dropper was much more scientific).
    The water molecules will push the ink toward the center (top) of the filter, and you will be able to see the separate colors that made up the original marker.
    Very cool!

  8. We just finished up a lot of chemistry. We did boys had a lot of fun with that.


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