Friday, October 02, 2009

mmmmmmm.... October

My favorite month.
While I'm dreaming of long, thoughtful posts
and longing to tell you about our first frost last night
and wanting to scoot into my garden to capture icy, sparkling pumpkins
and can't really wait to get out the jacks and witches and to wax the pretty leaves...

what I have today, instead, are these.

"Oh, Coachman!...."

We'll just call that Good Enough.


  1. Oohhh! Cousins, how fun!

    I keep meaning to post about our garden as well, but finding no time as all my time is taken up by trying to eat, save & preserve it all:)

  2. What fun that looks like!

  3. That is the cutest learning to bike ride photograph I have ever seen - fabulous!!! Happy weekend to you guys!

  4. What a great bunch of kids. Looks like they had a good time. I love the Storm Trooper? in the street.

  5. That's alot of children!

    I see Ben 10 in somebody's bedroom... The yellow RV "rustbucket". My son has practically every Ben 10 toy, including the RV.

    And, of course, he plays with them once or twice, then never again. *sigh*

    That looks like fun. If my son's cousins visited, it would be complete and utter chaos!

  6. woohoo! a fancy dress party! was that a storm trooper i saw?
    happy day!

  7. While all your thoughts are of lovely, peaceful things... your photos are just AWESOME FUN!

  8. Looks like that was a fun day. How wonderful to have so many cousins to play with :-)


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