Thursday, October 01, 2009

the last of september: on holiday

Since I didn't get out our SchoolHouse Rock collection dvd yesterday, I got it out this morning to check out. We've had it since winter last year and have never watched any of it.
Maddie came in about that time, and she and I started watching the Multiplication Rock videos, with Trev joining us, and then watched the Top Ten Jukebox videos.
Great fun. I still love those videos. I remember being in Social Studies in middle school, and my teacher asked if anyone knew what a bill was. I raised my hand, and told him it was something that was trying to become a law. He asked how I knew that. So I told him. : )

While we were still snuggling on the couch while the cool rain was falling, we read Divide and Ride, Dinosaur Deals (maybe we'll make some dinosaur trading cards?) and then the first chapter of Runaway Ralph.

Play with a visitor.waving hello.

We're making our home friendly for many, many cousins tomorrow.

Dinner at Grammy's

..where there were nine... count them... Nine! cousins (besides us).
We snatched one of them while no one was looking and brought him home with us for the night...

Trev is walking around singing "Conjunction, junction... what's your function???" and asking if he and Harrison can watch it tomorrow.

We're happy and filled and ready for a day of rowdy play tomorrow...


  1. Schoolhouse Rock is a staple at our house! It is what I call grammar! What fun!
    : ) -Phyllis

  2. We love School House Rock also. In middle school I learned the preamble through the song and still know it to this day. We the people....!lol

  3. Hmm, a day of snuggling and preparing for family... Sounds very cozy! I hope you have a lovely weekend.

  4. You know I love the waving katydid. :)

  5. Oh good grief I bet your house is neat as a pin all over again!!! We have school house rock - it is quite amazing what you remember in song!!!

  6. That grasshopper is a BEAST!
    Nice and big and juicy :)

    Schoolhouse Rock is so much fun to share with Owen - he doesn't like it when I see along though, guess I'm a bit out of tune LOL

  7. We are huge schoolhouse rock fans. We listen to them often. What a wonderful amount of cousins to play with.

  8. Oh hello gorgeous creature!! and what is better than a bunch of cousins...doing cousin things...oh so good!


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