Tuesday, September 29, 2009

two days: under construction

I've been singing "Construction, struction, what's your function?" instead of Conjunction Junction.

Note to self: Play that for the babes today.

Before he left home my dad asked if there were any honey-do chores I needed done. What a nice Daddy. Why, yes, there are!! :) (He likes to be busy while he's here, too, I think.)

This morning he and I scooted off to get me set up with a new back door. (Of course ours is a sixty year old home and everything must be done custom.) Our door has been messy for about three years, our dogs dug at it, and puts one in a seriously guilty mind in the middle of winter when one knows how inefficient one's door/frame is, and how much energy is being wasted. Not pretty.
So that will be ready for pick up on Thursday.
What else?
The fence!
Our back gate is falling down, and needs serious help.
Of course, keeping in line with the way things go around here (custom), one can not simply put in a few nails, but the whole dang thing must be torn down and rebuilt.

More construction.
Story construction.

Tea party construction.
Constructing music with Grammy.

* * *

Quick trip to the library to pick up the Waitings.
The Mouse and the Motorcycle (movie), Divide and Ride, Dinosaur Deals, The Action of Subtraction, Arithmetrics, and Runaway Ralph.

We're making plans to play and celebrate with our Beloveds over the next several days...
lots of noisy, chaotic fun coming this way, I think.

Can't wait!


  1. How wonderful of your dad to help out around the home during his visit. :)

    And the little ones even getting in on the act is priceless.

  2. I love all of the construction going on around your house! So busy and happy. :)

  3. sounds awesome. i love DIY home improvement....especially when someone else (with lots of buildin' knowledge) offers to help.

    have fun!

  4. Looks like you are having a ball! I love fixing things up, but we just never seem to get to that often, ahem.... We have way more things getting destroyed than fixed. Such is the wonky ways of the now, I suppose.

  5. Love the busy symbiosis! Most of our construction was thrown to the wayside last summer!

  6. Wonderful family team work! How warm is it there, looks very warm? It's quite chilly here in Ohio....had to turn the heat on last night and freeze warnings are out for tonight. Must go harvest my last bit of herbs!!!


  7. Hey Stephanie I just LOVE every day with your blog. Sometimes I get behind but make myself catch up in order.

    Wanted to tell you about a contest at a friend's blog - she
    s giving away a recipe book for healthy snack ideas.

  8. Its great to have the whole family join in on the home improvement projects!

  9. LOL, up until we had kids, my dad was always itchin' to tackle some home improvements projects around our home... now he just wants to play with his grandsons when he's here :)

    LOVE Schoolhouse Rock!

    *shaking fist at you though since now I will have Construction Junction going through my head before I fall asleep ;}*

  10. Busy times at your place...those Papa's...what would we do without them?


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