Tuesday, September 08, 2009

tuesday perfect

We started off with two chapters of Little House- it's due today, and someone is waiting for it, so we get to finish it up and go to the library.

Maddie and I worked on another basket.
A square one, this time.

There was practicing writing

Lego Star Wars


visiting with the quail

and harvesting.
Quite a while back (early spring? last fall?) I had an idea that I wanted us to have a Lunch in the Garden. Trev did what we called "a tasting" last fall with leaves, and I thought that going outside to eat with nothing but maybe a tool would be a nice way to have lunch.
We took a few other things... a platter, salt, and a blanket... but it was a lovely lunch.

Brandywines, cucumber, raspberries, sweet pepper, pears, and freshly picked peppermint for tea. We ate and drank 'til our tummies were all filled up. I would have picked grapes if I would have remembered, but maybe for dinner....

While we ate we finished the last two chapters of Little House in the Big Woods.

Trev plays on the computer, Maddie plays with the rainforest scene we picked up at the thrift store.
Then a bit more of that went on... Mama with a book, Madd with books and imaginary play, Trev on the 'puter.

We came together again to discuss what was for dinner later-- and decided upon a pizza pie.
All will help with that, of course.

Maddie painted her nails.
With Mama's real nail polish.
All By Herself.
"Okay, Mom... I did it without spilling," she says, after her Mama told her that was something that was for the two of us.

"Pleeeeeeease can I throw it up in the air?"
So she did.
Without dropping it.

We made our pies.

And played math bingo (as Trev calls it) with dominoes while the first one was in the oven.

Trev won.

And then checkers, while we ate.
Trev won again... fair and square. After a record length (long) game.

Looks like all that is left is dog-walking (Maddie likes to take Annabelle around the house and yard)

waiting for Daddy

and our trip to the library.

A very delicious day.
An' prob'ly we'll see you tomorrow.


  1. Love. love, love Little House. I love hearing about a new generation reading the books.

  2. Love the baskets, and the home grown feast. Yum!

  3. Awww, your little girl is growing up! *Love* the picture of her staring at the camera.

  4. Lego Star Wars is one of my favorite games! That and both the Lego Batman and Indiana Jones ones.

    I'm really loving the baskets. If I can find a way to make them here, I'm going to see if Gavin is interested in trying! It is just a matter of finding the proper vegetation...

  5. The baskets are sublime.

    My what a big pumpkin you grew ;)

  6. That basket is a thing of beauty. That and that big ole Pumkin! What a great day all around.

  7. Great basket!
    This brought back a nice memory, I used to weave cattail placemats when I was a child, visiting the cottage at the lake:)

    That is a lovely lunch in the garden. I love moments like this!

  8. That is a nice day. I have a hard time documenting all the "educational stuff" we do in a day, though really, I should. Ah well.

  9. I wish that you could package up your days like that and sell them at the grocery store. I need a couple!

    Your pizza looks yummy! Maybe I'll have to make one for lunch too!

  10. Would you look at that pumpkin - fantastico!!!

  11. Now that's how a day should roll. The Lunch in the Garden looks delicious.

  12. A garden lunch...living food from our very own patch of earth...tended by our very own hands...the best kind of lunch indeed!


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