Wednesday, September 23, 2009

september two three:

The usual early-morning quiet pursuits for Mama... checking in with blogging friends, doing research for project ideas...

And I am having my first cup of hot cocoa/coffee for the year. You gotta love startin' out just under fifty degrees and warming up to a glorious seventy-eight.

This morning I got to check on my Crones. (I placed them in the dehydrator yesterday.) They're looking quite charmingly witch-ish.They make me giggle to look at them. :)

Eventually the babes were up and we talked about a trip to the library and they played on the computers and a video game.

Trevelyn and I read a few books; Dinosaur Hunter (a book about paleontology in the 1800's), an addition book "Get Up and Go!" (a mathstart book), and then the next three chapters of Ralph.

Time for a little music and wild art.

The babes had to be encouraged to the "wild" part (you know... screaming and poking when a Mama desperately needs quiet and being flummoxed and blinking owlishly when encouraged to go crazy)... but eventually they got into the spirit of the thing.

And we played a new (made up) game on the trampoline. I put numbers (up to thirty) at the tramp's outer edge, and drew a shape underneath them, as Madd doesn't read numbers.

We used two of our new math dice... one was twenty-sided, and one was four sided,
and I called the numbers and Trevelyn added them up.

While he was doing that, I quickly scanned around the trampoline, and found the corresponding shape and color of that number.
As soon as Trev got the answer, I'd say "Okay, seventeen... blue diamond!"
The first one to find the corresponding shape and number got the point.
The first to ten won.
Trev won 10-2.
Oddly enough, this game was moving pretty slowly sometimes - rasslin', distractions, tackling little sisters while one is thinking, etc- and I thought for sure Trev was bored with the game, but he wasn't. I was, but he wasn't. Just goes to show, I guess.
And he was so excited when he won.

Next were MadLibs. "What not to eat for lunch", or some such thing.

Colour, anyone?As we mentioned the other day, white light is made up of all the colors of the rainbow. And the primaries are red, green, and blue, surprisingly. (I grew up with the usual red, yellow, and blue.) Another surprise is that red and green make yellow. Really?
Let's play.Our Light kit came with a little spinning motor thingy to test out colour theories.
We played with making white light - which turned out for us to be a grayish-yellow. In order to make true white, your charts must be perfectly balanced, a very difficult thing to do. We made cyan, and magenta, and thought we'd skip the middle man and go straight to white with making a card of red, blue, and green... which only made a pale brownish color.
Which was very interesting, as we got closer to white (a yellowish-gray) with all the colors of the rainbow. Hmmmm.

To the park!!
A walk to the park.
To meet with friends.

Where we collected amber
and lived like running
and hollerin'
and climbin'
and stompin'
and chasin'
and adventurin'
and squealing
and bein' lost for a few precious seconds
and maybe braving new heights and getting stuck
and other Daring Fetes when no one is looking..
and it's alright
because no one was hurt after all,
and everyone comes home safe
and tired
in the end.

And hungry.
We're hungry.

Let's stop off at the library to return these and get new ones
and let's send Daddy to get us some take-out.

That's settled.

Now look at these fine library movies we have....
which one should we watch first???

And that's it for us.
G'night, then.


  1. About the primary depends on whether you're talking about light or pigment. Happy color exploring!

  2. love that painting your daughter did. very wild, indeed!

    we're just going into spring, but it's still cocoa weather here too. had one today infact while getting seedlings at the nursery. we're planning a fire in the wood burning stove again tonight as well. cozy.

  3. Another perfectly creative day at your place! Love the old seem to beat me somehow to everything on our to do list ;)

  4. Stephanie - yes, I know. So cool! We covered that a couple of days ago. (just didn't mention it again.)

  5. The dried up crones are funny :)

    Trev might enjoy the book Tryannosaurus Math ~ I just ordered it for Owen.

  6. I love the picture of the two girls in the tree.

    What a great day!

  7. The apple witches have been on my list of fall things to do for years. I'm hoping to get to it this year. Yours came out great!

  8. I do, do, do love your apple friends. My mother has a dehydrator. Perhaps Benjamin & I will try this activity in the next few days...I'm so afraid I won't have my usual Halloween-celebration energy this year, but making lovely apple people would be a sweet decoration. :)


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