Tuesday, September 01, 2009

september one: at ease

One of those slow-movin' days, today.

Before my babes woke up this morning I was able to check out three library art books that I picked up last night.... very, very excited -giddy, even- about some of those projects. heeheehee.

I told the children this morning that I'd like to go to a couple of thrift stores. So many people around me are finding fabulousness that this Mama has been feeling left out.
My babes didn't know what I was talking about (they were asking video games? candy?), but we went, anyway-- with the promise of a toy or book, if they could find something they liked.

We hung some laundry and piddled, read Town Mouse, Country Mouse, and then a chapter of Little House In the Big Woods.

Some general running around (exciting things such as a new bra to replace the one that had a broken under-wire and was currently making a hole in my body) which we survived alright to come home and play away the afternoon.

With some same-old-same-old's
and some new
some quiet
and some that raaarrrrr
and beside some that shall just sit for a while, yet.
We sat with favorite computer games

and lazed on the tramp

and built ladders
and windmills
and flowers
and letters.

And all is right with the world.


  1. i love your photo documented days, makes for a fun little diary of the day. and it looks like it was a good day at that.

  2. Dinosaurs and books and playing! It certainly does look like everything is very right with the world, with all those smiles.

  3. Sounds like the very best kind of day! What a lot of lovely things, treasure hunting, playing, reading, jumping, loving xo

  4. Maddie's jungle playset looks very cool!

    Just thinkin' up all the wonderful things to do is half the fun :)

  5. A perfectly wonderful day.

  6. I hope you have better luck thrifting than I do. Our thrifting stores here rarely have anything worth getting.

  7. We got those books, and a large t-rex puzzle, and a raiforest play game. Plus three dinos and a My Little Pony stall for Madd. Thirteen bucks. Not bad.

  8. Looks like a perfectly pleasant day of living! Great thrifting too.

  9. Oh slow movin' days are the best!!

  10. Oh, those marshmallows and toothpicks are WONDERFUL. I'm so happy I saw your photo!


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