Sunday, September 20, 2009

september number twenty

Ah Sunday.
Aside from my earlier post (which of course includes an hour's meditation of walking through and capturing on film (well, you know.) the beauties surrounding me,

we worked on our satchels.
Which will be used for our trips to the library.

So excited about this one.

They're not finished, we'll have to do the other sides tomorrow.

Pinwheels for Peace! For International Day of Peace.

Stickers, crayons, markers, chalk...

(this is Maddie getting distracted by the rest of the Pooh Sticker book.)

They will be put upon our front fence first thing in the morning, so that they might blow long and well-ly, sending thoughts and wishes for love and harmony and liberty and brotherhood all over the world.

And remarkably enough, that's it.
That was our day today.

Well, there might have been a few things like "Walking With..." documentaries (prehistory) and computer games and games of make believe and jumping with Daddy and tidying up....

but other than that,
that's it.

And now we're off to get ready for the last evening of our State Fair.

Carnies and corndogs and The Big Yellow Slide.
heh heh.

See you in the morning with tales of that, no doubt.


  1. Those bags are looking great-I love freezer paper stencils!

  2. I love those bags, so cute and personalized.
    I sent you an email to the OLM address. Did you get it?

  3. You have such full days. I am always amazed at what you do on one day!

  4. The satchels are lovely. We have to use at least 2 bags for the library every other week. :)

  5. i love all the fun projects you do with your children. my father is an architect, he's very creative minded and when we were young he had a saying in our house with my mom... he always said "never stifle creativity"... Mom said it was great how creative us kids were, it meant there were always art messes to be cleaned up but she and dad tried not to mind so we could bloom creatively... i see you doing this with your kids, and i love it!!

  6. The book satchels are terrific!

    Enjoy the fair ~ have some cotton candy for me :)

  7. i've always wanted to be a carnie!


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