Wednesday, September 09, 2009

september ninth: perfect, still

It's family day!
Family day to us means Daddy doesn't work or ski or fish, and we have it once a week.
This morning we hemmed and hawed about what we were going to do... and eventually decided that we'd stay close to home- we have lots of new library loot from last night, our neighborhood park to visit for a nature walk, an art project to finish, and the weather is divine for any sort of play we might imagine.

First up for the day was Create!.

Which was lots of fun once we got going.

And Trev checked out a library JumpStart math game.

Madd went her own way (again) and painted her toes this time.
By 'her own way', I mean the way opposing her Mama's wishes, of course.
and jumpin'
and dressin' up
and swimmin'
and playin' with the hose.

Maddie had "made some creations" earlier this morning, and I told her they may make lovely invitations to an afternoon's Tea.
She agreed.

It was decided that we'd make Pippi Longstocking our next book, since we've already begun it.
And since we're waiting on the library for The Mouse and the Motorcycle.
And since we love Pippi.
So we read.
Two chapters.
And then Trevelyn had a turn reading us a book.
And then there was another library story.

All while lunching and lazing on the trampoline. As usual.

Soon enough it was time for the park.

Where Mama had the Truth shine upon her...
in a bright, emerald green light.

To the park!, it whispered in the beginning.

And there were black ducks, which are unusual for us,

and there stood, still, our favorite climbing tree.

Daddy fished
and succeededand there was much running

and hollering
and rolling
and general adventuring.

And then....
and then.

And then I got a whisper.

"Not too much longer," it said.

"Notice," it said.

And I saw the dragonflies zooming, their wings glowing in the sun, and I answered back, "How could I not?"

"Love it well," it carried on.

"Don't you know me?" I asked.

And I did love it well.
And so did my dearest ones....

And on the way home we stopped long enough to pick a couple of apples from a tree.

And loved those well, too.

And we came home for a bit of rest
and supper

and promised ourselves one more adventure for the day...

and what an adventure it was!

Shine, shine, shiny...
sparkling spokes
and flashing city lights
down the road to the deluxe old-fashioned malt shoppe.

And we loved that pretty well-ly, too.

It's been a day full of... oh, everything.

Perfect, I'd say.


  1. Perfect indeed. Im exhausted just reading your post.
    A day filled with so much, hope you all slept well

  2. that is so fun... I love all your stamps and I think some little hoods would be greeeeeeeeen with envy if they saw them!!! Our days are turning too... snow on the mountains still but little people spent the morning making spring flower salad and chasing grasshoppers!!!

  3. During our Pippi phase our floors were very clean!

    Fabulous day in your neighborhood to be sure! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Oh, it *won't* be long now, will it.

    I'm going to miss all of the warm breezes and living green.

    And in the near tomorrows I'll miss my loud and messy house, the games and laughter and fun. But then they grow up and give me grandbabies! :-) My daughter in laws belly is growing and getting very cute! Life is such a cycle.

  5. Oh, what a lovely day!! And your photographs are FABULOUS!

  6. The picture of Maddie cuddling up to Trev while he reads is divine.

    I remember the first time Hannah painted her own toes. She looked like a rabid gopher had attacked her toes.

  7. It sounds like an incredible day.
    Thank you for stopping by, it's lovely meeting new friends.

    Pippi Longstocking was my childhood hero. I have read all the books to my girls and I even ordered the original versions of the movies which were dubbed. (As a child I never knew) If you love Pippi the original movies are well worth it.

    Enjoy the adventure.

  8. That was some day you all had. What is better than milkshakes at the end of the day?

  9. Looks like a fun day! I love the whole family days when Lee's home, they certainly are special because they don't happen everyday:)

    That place has been around forever hasn't it? There was one in Draper by where I grew up like 25 years ago, and it's still there thankfully, hasn't been run out by the big chains.

  10. Pictures, park, and malteds! Perfect :)

  11. The Mouse and the Motorcycle!!! One of my all-time favorites. That and the Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle books.

  12. Yes a great day for reading, visiting the park, malt shakes and of all the noticing! I love those whispers too!

  13. Good solid adventurin' I'd say!

    Autumn has been creeping around my back door too ~ 43 degrees this morning... brrrrr

  14. Loved your communing conversation with nature. I understand about loving apples well, too.
    As always, loved it.

  15. Such a great day! Really, really loved your whisperings with nature. Special mama!


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