Friday, September 04, 2009

september four: on a breeze

You know those days when you wake up and just feel so happy?
Nothing extraordinary has happened -not yet, anyway- but your whole everything is sparkling, and giggling and ready.
Ready for anything, really.

And it doesn't matter if nothing extraordinary
does happen... because regardless of the Fancy's or the Plain's... every little thing is winking and blinking at you... and you know that all of your world is offering its prettiest smile.

And so the day begins.

With dinosaur documentaries

and computer games online for Maddie (good to have the 'net back on the babes' computers).

Play with Daddy

plans for Tea
(and so The Gathering)
Lemon balm for tea; peppermint flowers, lavender, and raspberry for the petit fours,
oh-- and sprinkles. Mustn't forget the Sprinkles.

And then to the business of it.
and more play.
Only a few more days, I suppose. I shall miss them when they're gone.

Lunch -en plein air-
while lying indolently and unrepentantly upon our cushy quilt in the cool shadelistening to the next Dance chapter of Little House

a bit of play

and art
and then the day's Create! project.

Which comes from a variety of places;
our own imaginations and machinations
our friend Julie
and a Fish project from Kids Can Press: The Jumbo Book of Art.

Love love love this technique. Fill a bit of plastic mesh (lemons, limes, garlic, onions come in these often) up with rags, and paint a thin layer onto the mesh to stamp. Beautiful scales! Would be perfect for you-know-whats. Can't wait to make a jurassic/triassic/cretaceous scene!!



Mama's demo. Which was once again -happily- way out-shone.

And then we had a story time.
This one was written by Trev.
Far, far back in time, back in the Cretaceous, there was a small but strong [snowflake] with an amazing ability to psyche out its opponent by disappearing and re-appearing as a [hexagon]. The [snowflake] had a tall [spiky cloud] on its head which used for an ability to take out its opponent. The [snowflake] was a great enemy of the [shield]. The [snowflakes] often fought with the [shields] for possession of [flowers] which were used for [houses] in the village of [shovels].
[snowflakes] lived in [tepees] that were often very astonishing. They used animal [hearts] for transportation.
[snowflakes] survived by foraging for corns, and the males would go hunt for fish in their special boats. The [snowflakes] eventually evolved and adapted to life, and they are still alive today in [bells] of the hills of [arrows].

The end.
Upon finishing our tale, Maddie whipped out the MadLibs book. :) Which turned out to be alright with Trev and rather humorous for all of us.* * *
So as it turns out,
there was nothing of the Fancy's to be seen today.
All very, very ordinary.
Nothing that wowed us,
nothing that shocked us
or rocked us
or socked us.

On the breeze came quiet and gentle things.
But we're okay with that kind of Plain.


  1. You make me want to toss the television out the window and do more of this type of stuff alllll day long!!!

    I'm going to pull out the Mad Libs and see if my son will enjoy them...

    Before or after we make magic wands? Hmm.

    The flowers are gorgeous. I miss having my own flower garden and yard. Thank you for sharing the lovely photos!

  2. Oh, they watch tv. :)
    I don't, but they do.

  3. Enjoyed the snowflake story very much ~ Trev's imagination is brilliant :)

    Gosh that looks like a "fancy" tea to me!

  4. i would love to spend a day at your home. it just always looks so peaceful. glad to know your kids watch tv! i don't watch it much either but i do love my tivoed episodes of "family ties".

  5. I just love the pinkness in the tea party photos. Very pretty!

    What a cool painting technique. I love how your days just melt together.

    Have a lovely weekend, Lisa ;)

  6. Tara-
    Tea was fancy. She dressed it up, for sure.
    I loved the flowers and smashed raspberries (to look like flowers) on the cakes. :)

  7. I love the mesh painting idea! Neat. We harvest our lemon balm and make tea, too! So soothing and yummy... :)

  8. You sure know how to do a tea party!

  9. Jane- it was all Maddie's doing. :)

  10. soooooo nourishing! xoxoxShannon shakaya breeze

  11. That is fantastic...your photo's are beautiful and i love to see how your children are so happily into all the joy you create for them...xx

  12. Oh your plain is the most wonderful kind of plain. Love love the plain clothesline shot....and I spy socks on feet gathering herbs...must be real that it's cooling down in your part of paradise.


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