Sunday, September 06, 2009

september five: practical

Mostly we're cleaning and getting ready to have comp'ny over tomorrow (Sunday).

Maddie had me write her name on the back of her baby's head. ???

Trev had a looooooong talk with Annabelle about babies and mating.
In between speaking to his parents about "it's mating time" for Annabelle, he promised her that he would help her -and her husband- to take good care of those five puppies.
Psh. More like fourteen. Which is why Annabelle does not have any offspring.
But awfully nice of him to help her husband, too.

Trev and her Mama cleared up some things for Madd about c's and s's, over a period of a few minutes. You know. That sometimes c's make the sss sound. "Like city," said her Mama, because that was all she could think of. "Yeah, and certain, and central and centipede," offered her brother.

"Mom... guess what hypotenuse is."
"Yeah. Hypotenuse. Take a guess."
"Uh... I have no idea."
"It's the side of a triangle."
"Really. ??"
Well I looked it up.
(Yes, I had to look it up. I have never heard that word in my life. Trig-what???)
It is, indeed, the longest side of a triangle, or the line to the right angle.
Trev wants to know what the shortest side is called.....

"Hey Mom... did you know that Australian caterpillars use their own practical poop to build its houses? And when they run out of poop... simple! Just a few nips of eucalyptus leaves... and here comes the next shipment. And then they used their practical silk to build the rest of their future home."

"Hey Mom... what's a lib?" (As in Mad Libs.)

We cleaned the pool. Have to make it sparkly for friends tomorrow.

K, the little visitor next door told Trev that Deisel (the dog) drools when he eats ice.
'Course my babes had to test out that theory.

Lots of Sonic watching.

Lots of carpet cleaning.

Trev climbed up into our tree with a slinky, then screamed for me.
I went running, it sounded like Death was Near.
Turned out he wanted to talk.
About an idea he was having about looping one end of the slinky over the branch, and hanging on to the other end and jumping.
We had a very clear talk about his theory and how it would work for something much smaller and lighter than he. Like a toy dinosaur.
And we talked about bungee jumping and safety gear and chords being very, very strong.
But not slinkies.

A strange, funny sort of day.
Full moon at the funny farm, I guess.


  1. Ah what a day. :) Hypotenuse? I remember the word but I wouldn't have been able to tell you what it was. lol

  2. Trev is just full of information-he cracks me up!

  3. Wherever did he hear the term hypotenuse? :) It's so amazing the things that randomly come up. I'm sure he's figured it out by now, but only the side opposite the right angle has a cool name. The other two sides are called the opposite and the adjacent sides--and each could be called either depending on which angle you are considering. Uh, yeah, or something like that... ;)

  4. Oh my goodness, the caterpillar poop got me! What an interesting bit of information. Especially this part:

    "And when they run out of poop... simple! Just a few nips of eucalyptus leaves... and here comes the next shipment."

    Hypotenuse, huh? Is somebody ready for basic geometry? LOL They do use the word in "The Wizard of Oz", I think... Or maybe not. I do remember at the end when the Scarecrow says the sum of the two sides of a triangle are equal to the remaining (hypotenuse) side...

  5. OMG, his 'practical poop' and 'practical silk' just cracked me up.

    Loved the snippet about 'c' and 's'. Today I heard Hannah say from the back of the car "Bub (Gray's nickname) has a 'buh' sound on both ends. I bet it's spelled 'b'-something-'b'." Well, yes it is.


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