Tuesday, September 15, 2009

september 15: potions and notions

Web blasting.
Arthur games.

Mama finally signed up for a Scholastic account (home educators can just call them and tell them you need a customer number)... can't wait to show the babes those little brown papers with all those glorious Books!

Maddie and I worked on our next two potions...

both for sleepy-time-- for lulling the Unsettled into a long winter's nap.

One for taking orally (only a few drops)

-lemonbalm, peppermint, bee balm, and sweet woodruff

and one in oil for temples, backrubs, and hand or foot massages.

sage, peppermint, and lavender

Now I know we could use essential oils for this - and I do, sometimes, but there is something really lovely about having a rub which has been made from things in your own garden, don't you think?

More invitations... this time for Tea.

Rain. Lovely, soothing, splishy-splashy rain.
Chamomile, to be exact.With petit fours, yougurt, and raspberries.

Time for Pippi!
And a couple other sweet stories.

Turns out, Nova tonight is Arctic Dinosaurs. Imagine that. A dino documentary that we don't own or haven't seen.
You know what Trev's doing, don't you?

I'm so envious of Teresa's gorgeous art piece that she gets to put on her wall that I just have to get to our neighborhood art and craft store to get a brayer.
And whatever else I can't live without. : )
I've been trying to get there all day.
If Eric gets home before it closes, I'll get to scoot over there! There's no way Trev's going to leave his show to walk to a craft store with me. >:0

All is well and happy here at our house.

We'll see you tomorrow.


  1. Where did you get all of the concoction recipes Stephanie?

  2. I love that you make your own herb "potions". And I think that I need to start having tea time. It looks yummy *and* relaxing!

  3. Inoureyes-
    My favorite herbal is Jude's Home Remedies, and she tells how to make tonics and oils. I just chose from the characteristics I want... from the plants that are completely edible, of course.

  4. I have such fond memories of those little paper Scholastic catalogs. So much fun to pore over them.

  5. That herbal rub sounds devine. I must look into the book you recommend.

  6. Your little turtle rain collector is adorable! I need to score one of those.

    I went out searching for a brayer today (and other items - tempera paint, paint stirrers, plaster of paris), and was totally out of luck.

    Wishing you better success with your art and craft shopping!

  7. Thanks for the Scholastic info.~ glad to know we have that option.

    Trev's movie sounds very interesting.

  8. Still looks warm and summery where you are-I broke out the fleece today and am fighting a cold. Ah, life in VT.


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