Sunday, September 13, 2009

september 13:

well... it's 7:14... and I'm ready for bed.
no, i didn't drink the brandy meant for the pears.
or the whiskey meant for the mirabelle cordial.

Here's our day in pictures, too tarred for thinking words.

Maddie has been totally digging this game since we got it a couple of days ago.

Maddie restrings her favorite jewels.

a new book

It may not look like much, but I tasted this fermented mess today (before it was blended with the whiskey), and it is delicious. :)
Can't wait to check it out over the winter holidays. (Has to sit a spell.)

We've had books together, and books apart.
Every one of us has gone off to ready by ourselves, today.

play with Annabelle,
and some serious mess making has been going on.

The first batch of Mirabelle Cordial is just about ready to be capped and put downstairs 'til the holidays.

The first batch of brandied pears are made

and jars of (garden grown) raspberry jam are ready for storage.

The apples are drying...
and the mess is waiting.

And it will continue to do so 'til tomorrow.

A busy, exhausting day.

'til tomorrow, then.


  1. I just had to click the "Qwirkle" link. It looks sort of like dominoes, huh? Well, now, I think you've got me turned on to the MindWare site!

  2. Oooh brandied pears...yum Mama!

  3. Lovely day. Hope you got some sleep.

  4. I bet your house smells wonderful!


  5. Processing food is hot, exhausting work! I hope you got a good night's sleep.

    I had a lazy, not-so-well day yesterday (just monthly stuff), but it happened to fall on a Sunday when my husband was home, so it was all good. (How do single parents DO IT?)

    I read Someone Knows My Name from start to finish - all 470 pages of it. And that was with work in the gardens, taking care of animals, helping kids paint, feeding kids, ... (My husband had his own chores to do throughout the day.) SUCH a fantastic book.

  6. I love days of stocking up stuff for the winter...tiring but satisfying. I never make such interesting things, tho. Just boring straight canned stuff. How inspiring...cordials and brandied fruit!


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