Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Sand and Scales

So of course the scaly fish project put in my mind that this technique would be lovely for lizards and dinosaurs!
So that's what we did.

Some lizards and dinosaurs like the desert.


So our tools were sand, pastel chalks, glue, tempera paints, a bit of plastic mesh, a rag, and a paintbrush.

For our desert scene, we drew our back ground.

We outlined it with heavy black marker

colored the sky with blue pastel

and then began our sand hills.

We painted glue into one section at a time,
then sprinkled sand onto that section
patted it down
and then poured the excess back into its sand bowl.

We did that for all sections of our back ground.

For our lizard and dinosaurs, we first drew the outline on heavy paper.

Next came the fun sponging part,
we squirted a tad of paint onto our rag-filled mesh bag, then brushed it on evenly and lightly over the mesh.
We pressed our mesh onto our drawn animals,
and then changed colors and did it again.

After the animals were dry, we added the pastel colors to add depth to our creatures.
We cut them out,
and glued them into their habitat!


Both my children really enjoyed this project.
And I love their beautiful creations!


  1. Love these pics.. very jurassic. Will try and find coloured sand or can you make it?

  2. Oh, I forgot to tell of that part! :)

    We made it a couple of weeks ago when we made our sand paintings.
    We used liquid water color paints. Just a few drops.

  3. Very cool! Araina would love making these, she loves dinos.

    Of course, Fauna would love to make them too.

    Thanks for sharing!
    Lisa :)

  4. wow that looks like awsome fun. Gorgeous creations indeed...xx

  5. Love the mesh bag technique! (adding it to my stash of ideas)


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