Saturday, September 05, 2009

rule #66

"Rule Of Life Number Sixty-Six," begins Trevelyn upon looking his room over with a wary eye, "If you're preparing to clean your room after your friends come over and mess it up, you gotta wear sanitizer gloves."


  1. Very true. You never know where other hands have been!

  2. Yeah.. and goggles, everyone knows that :)

  3. :)
    lol, there was nothing gross... it wasn't even really very messy. It just surprised him. He had been playing on the computer (it was his turn), and two of his friends were playing in his room.
    When he went in, the next morning, he was surprised to find a small mess there. He was baffled as to how it got there, til I told him his friends had been in there.
    That's when he gave rule #66.


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