Sunday, September 20, 2009

love affair

Our average first frost date is in about a week.

No doubt I'll be feeling sentimental then, too, and will do the same things I did this morning-- wander around...



offering thanks

letting my admiration and deep gratitude be felt by everything that cares to soak it up.

I considered writing this post for Happy and Free, but that didn't seem right,
as this is not just about me.

It's about my husband's love affair with his tomatoes and peppers and onions.

It's about my thankfulness for the honeybees on the catnip or peppermint - promising me not only healthy gardens, but reminding me that not all of the world is going to hell in a handbasket.

It's about the children being drawn daily into a world that is made up entirely of Raspberries.

And being joyful about pumpkins

and harvesting tomatoes and sweet peppers for a little smackerel of something.

It's about creating art on the patio

painting en plein air

and outdoor tea parties.

It's about picking a flower to help Mama find her smile.

And it's about gathering roses on Sunday morning.

I hope we have a while, yet.

I'm not quite ready to say goodbye.

But just in case,

I offer these things

and Mama Nature

my prettiest curtsy.


  1. Gorgeous photos! I can't believe the first frost date is approaching so quickly.

  2. I looked out in the backyard this morning and saw frost! I really love these cool, crisp mornings. We lit the woodstove this morning for the first time this season.

  3. Beautiful pictures and sentiment. Our first frost is come and gone. Fall is here.

  4. This is a lovely post ~ I feel like I got to wander about your gardens and savor the beauty of the season that is ending.

  5. Beautiful.
    We won't be getting frost for quite awhile. Wow, hard to think of frost coming so soon. Makes me feel even more grateful.

  6. ~~smiles~~

    what beauty and peacefulness

  7. Wonderful! And, goodness, do I share your sentiments!

  8. Love your sense of beauty and gratefulness.

  9. Your photos are absolutely gorgeous. We still have roses and hibiscus and more in bloom here, but that pumpkin... Oh! Fall! I'm thrilled to see and feel the changes outdoors. Your photos show that in-between time of transition... Love 'em!

  10. There is such poetry and lyricism in your posts. I am enjoying them so much. You are inspiring.


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