Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A Gardener's Birdfeeder

Today marks a change... the sun (should we imagine for a moment that the sun revolves around this beautiful place we call home) slips over to the other side for a while.

Of course in my mind this brings with it lots of things-- thoughts of creating, nature, harvest, preparation, autumn-time, and changes.

Once I started supposing, I came up with this gardener's bird feeder... a lovely way to show Thankfulness, acknowledge bounty, and to honor Mother Nature by offering gifts to her creatures.

I snipped one of the heads of my drooping sunflower stalks.

They're hearty, so I supposed that I could poke a sharpened stick in a place or two for little bird feet to land upon.

I tied on jute, and using an upholstery needle (anything with a large eye will do) I strung on grapes.

When that was done, there was nothing left but to tie either side onto a stick, and tie on more twine for hanging.

Maddie made one of a wreath of twisted vine. I made the wreath for her, and threaded the jute with the same needle.

She chose to offer apples, creeper berries, and grapes... using the wreath for a landing spot.

We used twine to tie hers, also.

I am not certain how they shall look tomorrow... but it doesn't really matter.

They were made with love, in love, and acknowledging love.
Happy Autumn.


  1. They look lovely! Whether the birds decide to eat them or just admire them a bit, it was a wonderful project. Happy Autumn!

  2. Aint you clever? The grapes look like jewels. What a wonderful treasure to make for the birds. going to nick this one when we have our Autumn time. Thanks Stephanie

  3. Those are incredibly clever designs and, as always, gorgeous photographs.

    Happy Autumn to you and yours!

  4. How wonderful-I think the birds will be very pleased.

  5. What a super-cute idea! Considering the birds always sit on my sunflowers and eat them direct, how neat to string the extras up there for them as well.

  6. I've been thinking alot about our bird friends as the temps. fall and the leaves change color.

    Your offerings are just beautiful and I'm sure they will much appreciated.

  7. A wonderful treat for our bird friends and a great playoutdoors project for everyone! Thanks

  8. What a great creative idea.

  9. Love it! I reckon the butterflies might stop for a bit of apple possibly!


  10. Happy Autumn to you and yours! Wow they are amazing looking birdfeeders....fantastic creations your feathered friends are sure to love!


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