Wednesday, September 02, 2009

september two: workbooks

Yup. That's what I said.

Like this one.
Still loving learning to write.

And this one.
New dsl company.
Back online-- hale and hearty.
Fired the old one.

This one.

Earth Scouts...

And then perusin' a few more that look like books full of fancy, interesting art projects stacked on the table at a bosom friend's house - over dinner and admiring pretty fluffy chickens and talkin' shop and glasses of fine beer til late, late.

Workbooks aren't so bad, not really.


  1. Earth Scouts. Color me jealous. I started a SpiralScouts circle back in the States, but I think they sort of crumbled without me. Plus, the main organization seemed to lose some of its... uh... organization.

    How do you and the little ones like Earth Scouts? Are there uniforms? Handbooks?

  2. Writing is good, kids are now much more typing.
    Workbooks don't need to be boring.
    The projects you do with your kids are FUN! I think all kids will like it :)

  3. Workbooks can be very useful if you find the right one. It took me awhile but I found a math workbook for Owen that has two hints and the ANSWERS at the bottom of every page. He doesn't feel like he's being tested, just introduced to info.

    That painting you all were doing looks like fun :)

  4. You know we are down with the WB's. I think E is workinon the same Kumonon as the honey pot. He is focusing extra hard on his name.

  5. Dear Workbook-Lovin' Friends,
    Now you know I kid.
    We have many such things in our house -probably two dozen from pre-k to first grade- They are on various shelves, and can be picked up at any time by whomever wants to play.

    Chosen freely and chosen in joy means discovery and self-confidence, and that's the way we like it around here.

    We considered Spiral Scouts, and then found Earth Scouts, and liked it just as well. Without the fees and having to report to people.
    We like EarthScouts! There is a handbook (also printable online), though not a "lesson" book, more like an idea book.
    The two other leaders and I meet and plan (brainstorm) a few meetings ahead. Four or six meetings... two meets a month.
    There are not uniforms, but there are t-shirts you can order. You could certainly have uniforms if you chose. Find Earth Scouts at

  6. Just saw my comments with all the fidgety lap sittin child spelling errors, i should hunt down a spelling book!

  7. I think you're in denial-yesterday was September 2. :)
    I'm starting a new Earth Scouts group this month. It's very exciting. We have lots of plans in the works!

  8. Jane - I was like... What??? That's what I said. :) Then I saw my title.

  9. We do the workbook thing the same way. Have many, all freely chosen, whenever and whatever. It is kind of amusing when it's chosen every day for a week for an hour on end lol.

    Your earthscouts sounds fun! We had an unschoolers meet up yesterday with 7 kids ages 4-12 and they all went off into the bush on a friend's property and formed a "tribe" and were heard gathering chickweed and dandelions for dinner, making tools and arranging their camp. Cute. We're giving Sea Scouts a go so will see how that turns out.


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