Monday, August 24, 2009

it's a wild, wild life.

(um, done one pic upload at at time. sigh)

Sheesh. Wild creatures flying from every branch.

This weekend has looked like going from napping to wild Boy Play.
You know. In the same second.

It looked like sweet bubbles and sweet giggles

to making kid-hilarious noises with balloons.

It looked like jumping on the tramp while talking of space and temperatures and evolution.

It looked like cutting out Victorian paper dolls with manly-man hands.

It looked like euphoria to melt-downs.

Bumble bees to hula hoops.

Swimming... in turtlenecks.

Hot Wheels to play dough

division to bike repair

Sculpting (again the next day)

to music

Bliss (such as those afore-mentioned manly-man hands mopping the kitchen floor)

to pissed.
Cavemen to castles.

In other words,


pell mell

tumble bumble.

Such is the life.


  1. The pool... the pink inner tube... the turtleneck... Can I order that scenario for an adult, please?

    She looks so relaxed and blissful!

  2. Oh, how I do love that stormtrooper helmet.

  3. Reading your blog makes me feel so....normal.

    Thank you.

  4. ANJ-
    there are a few of us. :)

  5. I love the swimming in a turtleneck, and the hairy-scary tumble of books, but that helmet is cool :-)

  6. Haven't been able to get a hold of the rhythm of our days... but once in a while i'll feel like we've caught a good one... I do though feel like we have an al'right rhythm to life in we see it and interact in it as a family...questioning, growing and having everyday life be a tool for learning into ourselves.

    I love your rhythm stephanie...

    sometimes i have to remember to honor the place in me that says... i'm doing ok. so i can stay in present moment awareness and not knit pick into my "could be's"...


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