Sunday, August 09, 2009

home and hearth weekend: day three

We strayed a few small steps from the Hearth today.
The sun showed Himself this morning, and Daddy was lured outside (with a harvesting basket, even) before he had to scoot off to work this afternoon.
Of course everyone followed.

And played with Legos.

And just Played.

Maddie is most interested in writing letters this last little while.
Today I got out a few tracing sheets and a couple of books (which Trev has never been interested in) for practicing printing.
Evidently her favorite letter is F-- she writes it over and over again. And T. And squares.

"I have four babies.
"Do I have three babies or four babies?""Looks like you have... four babies."
"I have a handful of babies."
"Yes you do."

Trev won this one.

Trapped me neat and tidy.

Have spent time today watching ScoobyDoo. And playing a bit of Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs. And lots of JumpStart Third Grade.
(So far when I've peaked in I've seen lots of algebra [ ___ + ___ = 23 ], loads of constellations, music patterns, sentence structure, and element information relating to the periodic table. Sounds good to this Mama.)

Wearing wintercoats while snuggling with Annabelle. ???

Evening poolside.

And of course Mama has to step into the garden as evening cometh.

Little Son is clamoring for Chocolate Chip Cookies... so it looks like back to the Hearth we go.
Life is Good.


  1. Life is good, indeed. What a lovely day. Loved the handful of babies.

    I found a little cursive tracing sheet somewhere and picked it up for 'someday'. Hannah found it and has been tracing the letters off and on for a few days. Very cute.

  2. Boy, I remember playing the JumpStart games and they are a lot of fun. I loved the constellations. I'm in Yellowstone Nat'l Park this summer and wishing I remembered more of what I learned because there are so many stars here! Sounds like a lovely day. :)

  3. Life is good with a garden like that to take a basket into. Thanks for the tracing idea, I'm trying Ellie with it tomorrow.

  4. Another magical day... garden looks full and bursting!

    I 've been "sending" Owen little notes with a question - and he writes back to me :)

  5. Our girls have been donning their winter coats too. :)

  6. I love seeing your days. Such inspiring ones at that! :)

  7. I love the "handful of babies" photograph. You and yours look like you have very full, rich days. It is good to delight in the simple things, isn't it?

  8. Ooooh! Chocolate chip cookies *do* sound good! Love your roses on the table. I need some flowers that I can cut and bring inside. Maybe next year!

  9. Your garden looks beautiful... sounds like such a fun day!

  10. It all looks wonderful. Love the checkers shot with Trevor in the background.

  11. A boquet of mint and pink favorite.

    Using the tramp. as a chalkboard is great!

    Little homemade journals sparked my girls writing.

    That game, can't remember the name of it, the one posted there....couldn't play it as a child the anticipation of the jump and the anxiety to beat the clock killed me. My sister was great at it and would beat me everytime, I was too busy freaking out!

    Lisa ;)

  12. Oooh to fossick through your garden Mama!

  13. I love that basket full of flowers :-)


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