Friday, August 07, 2009

home and hearth weekend: day one

I must say that a weather forecast of a sublime seventy-seven degrees leads this mama's mind into all sorts of deliciousness.
thoughts of scrubbing with windows open.
baking cookies.
meandering through the gardens... maybe whispering love words here and there.
here's how that played out for us today...

a lovely start to the weekend.


  1. I'm not leaving the garden/kitchen today at all if I can help it.

    Hey, we have those yellow plums too (from our local fruit share). They are soooooooooo good. Did you make jam with them? I may try that next week, if there's any left after 20 minutes.

  2. Delicious pictures. What kind of bickies are in the last picture?

  3. everything looks so delicious!

  4. Inoureyes -
    Snickerdoodles! :)

    Miss Nettle- we have a tree... I've always dismissed them until this year. They are actually really good.
    Before they were some mystery fruit, and I tried them after they were yucky, and over done... this year I've tried them, and like them!
    They're Mirabelle plums, I've recently found out.
    And yes! I started jam yesterday and will finish it today (it had to sit over night).

  5. Gotta have those cookies - squeeze them down the internet... I HAVE TO HAVE THEM else I am not making supper or putting anyone to bed - indeed not another chore until you send them!!! That's it!!!

  6. Yummy yummy! The cleaning bug bit me yesterday too. I think that today I shall have to do some baking. I feel so inspired by all of your lovely pictures. Is that lavender sugar by the way?

  7. Sheri -
    Orgainc sugar cane. Free trade. :)
    I love it.
    That has to make everything taste better, right???
    (has a slight brown color.)

  8. That is a gorgeous parade of yummies.... I'm making blueberry jam soon- first time. How hard can it be - right??

    We've been enjoying a wave of cool northern air here too :)

  9. You post the most beautiful pics. It looks like a lovely, yummy day!

  10. Oh your house must have smelled this day!!! Divine!


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