Tuesday, August 18, 2009

days in the Quiet

Wow. That was a long spell (for me) between posts.
' Don't think I've gone that long in years.

We've just... been living on a sigh.

Slow and easy.

Our fourth player that spends so much of his time away from us has a week to spend at home with us.
We have no plans to jet off, as we just had a long and grand adventure a few weeks ago.
Maybe that's why things have been so peaceful.
Nothing is an emergency.
Nothing is mandatory.

The mama of the house's days have been interesting.... sort of a drift between here and yonder, not getting anything actually Done, but still things are neat and tidy and quiet and still.
Even when the babes are shaking their batons in the air and leading other monsters in a wild parade.

Knowing there will be (beginning today) Two to share the days and chores and responsibilities has quieted my mind, and knowing there will be time for All Things has instilled peace in me.

So that's where we've been. :)
In the Peace.


  1. I thought it was so quiet, but now I know why;)

    Enjoy the peace!

  2. peace is a beautiful thing!

  3. Hope you are still enjoying the peace :-)


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