Tuesday, August 18, 2009

days and days: besides that.

Well, I do have a few pics and words to share besides that. :)

There's been lots of nekedness, of course. Well, for one of us, anyway. The rest of us run around in our drawers, at least.

Trev read something to someone -must have been one of the Boys- yesterday, and his reading was fluid and smooth, not stilted or disconnected. I was amazed at such complicated words coming so effortlessly out of his mouth.
This whole reading process is such a beautiful thing to see. I can't imagine missing out on the joys of it-- discovery, self-confidence, wonder... the gifts given both of us by learning this naturally have been immeasurable.

Madeleine has been writing letters.
Trev was playing JS2G World the other day and recognized misspelled words far beyond what I had supposed he was capable. That was a surprise.

There have been tea parties
and love words whispered to the pumpkins

and plans made with friends

and warm, so delicious! blackberries off our vine.

There has been rain

and sunshine.

Cool, beautiful nights

and quiet, blissful mornings.

There has been reading
and swimming
and dressing babies (a new interest, that)
and jumping

and singing

and Friends

and harvesting
and creating.
Maddie's Tomato Pie.
(peanut butter chips, granola bars, raspberries, tomatoes, and pears)

There has been farm play

and pretend play

bike riding

scooter riding

enjoying round two of raspberries


and art.We'll fill you in on that one soon.

Time for a family discussion to make plans for the day....
We'll prob'ly see you tonight.


  1. Can't wait to see the art you did with that!

    That dollhouse in Maddie's room is so very cool. I've been looking for one like that or instructions on how to make one (I'm not good at doing things without instructions). My girls would love it.

  2. I love the 'and love words whispered to the pumpkins"
    all veggies need love!

  3. I lover her room, so pretty! Nakiah saw it and said she wants to live there :)

  4. I'll have some of that tomato pie! Peanut butter chips go with everything and anything!

    Lisa ;)

  5. Hmmm... interesting colorful arty goodness goin' on there :)

  6. Maddy's room is lovely - pretty :-)

    And we've managed a few blackberry's from our garden too! Delicious.

  7. love the tomato pie in a jar! my oldest is really into "creating recipes", too! she offered to make salad the other night - it was a big bowl of wheat chex, walnuts, and dried cherries with a few lettuce leaves sprinkled on top. Maybe it was a hint about she'd like me to make salad from now on...

  8. Okay, I can't resist leaving one more comment - love your blog! That picture of the little feet on the growing pumpkin - adorable!


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