Sunday, August 02, 2009

august two

it's been an interesting day today.
lots of new things.

I started off by emptying pretty jars of last year's collection of herbs

and admiring my harvest of a couple of weeks ago.
and recording what would keep, and what had to be bought, collected, or gathered from our gardens.
this is where my head was today.
and I perused my favorite books and planned medicines that need to be made for the coming year.

I climbed up to the roof to gather Mirabelle's for a cordial, and then Trev took over the task for me. he likes the roof. he feels like a Great Explorer, I think.

we began our cordial! can't wait to share some of this warm deliciousness over the winter holidays.

we studied atoms for a while today.
and looked up of what Space is made. (again. we need reminding every so often.)

watched library videos

played computer games

played games in the pool

I worked outside on the herbal

and received pretty visitors while doing so.
talked about pioneers,

native americans

life on Mars

life on other planets in the universe

and intelligent life on other planets.

went for a drive to scout for a new favorite beach.
this was our endless quest last year... all summer we looked for a perfect beach, preferably an hour or so (or less) from home. didn't find it.
I'm happy to say that I think we found it today... and will be happily having a Beach Day tomorrow.
haven't done that at all this year!
while we were there we saw pretty dear bounding through a meadow, and a great blue heron.

we found our beach (small, but I think it will do) and came back home to stop at a couple of stores to aid us in getting out of the house at a decent time tomorrow.

it's 11:15, and daddy and Trev were just giggling and howling... looking up mexican hairless cats on the 'net. :)
now they're spying on our house via Google.
you gotta watch out for those two.


  1. I loved getting a glimpse into your day! Great pictures of the humming bird. :)

  2. Love the pictures of your herbs. SOME DAY, I'm going to have an herb garden too. I did grow my first herbs this year, oregano and thyme in boxes on the deck. It's a start. :)

  3. Love the beauties visiting your garden and the drying herbs.

  4. Such lovely photos! The photos of your herbs may just inspire me to try growing them again :)

    Hope you all are enjoying a wonderful beach today!

  5. I like the pic of your herbs drying.
    Sounds like you all had a real full day!

  6. Just saying hi! You have a gorgeous blog. I followed a link from somewhere else to get here. Thanks for sharing your days.
    Blessings, Emma

  7. I wish I was more diligent re: drying & storing herbs. My husband made me the loveliest drying racks but I always fear mildew issues and/or dust, etc. so I never bother to hang my herbs. I grow quite a few in our backyard and know I should be making better use of them--but I'm either too lazy or insecure about my herbal abilities. :(

    Don't ask about the lavender facial scrub incident of 1998. LOL!

  8. You should definitely watch out for those two men in your house...spying on you. My goodness via Google.

    Ah, the adventure. :)

  9. You are in SLC? Okay, WHERE IS THAT BEACH? I must know! All we've ever found are mud and bugs...

  10. Glad you found a beach! Aren't humming birds the best! We love ours so much.

  11. Jenny-
    We've tried every lake within three hours, I think. :) Seriously.
    We love Pineview, but the beach and the entry are steep. A bit much with little ones.
    Delta has a fabulous beach... but it's too dang far.
    Yuba is way too windy.
    Uintas are way too cold.
    Utah lake is just scary. Would not put my babes in that water.
    Great Salt Lake is too icky and sticky.
    Deer Creek is rocky.
    East Canyon beach has stickers.

    Rockport has a little tiny whisper of a beach. (actually it has a couple of them.)
    Won't hold a lot of people, but if you go in the middle of the week...
    We had the place to ourselves for most the day.
    It's only about 35 minutes or so from our house!! woohoo!

  12. Beautiful hummer photos. It's hard to catch them that still, especially this time of year when they are such bullies.

    Love the herbs and the drying and the making of cordials!

    Lisa ;)

  13. Beautiful photos Stephanie, I love how you are drying your herbs. Your husband and sons conversation is too funny!! : )

  14. Ooh mirabelles...I wonder what they taste like...I have never heard of them?
    I love the rustic-ness of drying and preparing herbs....great photo's


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