Friday, August 21, 2009

august twenty-one: an' it's hot.

You know it's gonna be an alright sort of day when your son wakes up and first thing heads to his room to read.What can I say?
I'm still a Mama who loves to see a little (self taught) boy reading.
Maybe someday I'll be less enchanted. But not today.

He went later to the computer for a small minute,

Madd grabbed a bucket of crayons and a piece of paper,
and this Mama headed out to harvest raspberries.
Their Daddy fixed us breakfast, and then the children lured him outside to the rope swing...
where one of them flew so high he touched the branches.Fancy that.

I remembered yesterday's email, and thought of the solar experiment, and gathered up a few others to go along with it.
Water Play experiments, today.
Lots of fun, that.

Play on the trampoline, in pillow cases. Er- with a Mama Border, which means "if you're gonna be trapped in a pillowcase, then I need you to stay inside this border so's you don't fall off and get dead."
Now you know you can't get yourself into this kind of predicament and not have someone -er, Mama- bite her lip and look at you crossways and wonder for exactly how long she should keep you there, and to contemplate what those Benefits just might be. No matter that you give her your best Pitiful look.
'Cause Mama's funny that way. It's humorous, not dangerous, after all.
But she's fair enough, and so calls Daddy, though not without picking up her camera.
It's all silliness, and turns out alright.As Mama knew it would.

Boy came over to play, which meant Boy Play -with a baby sister in tow- for a couple of hours.
Star Wars
fly wheel play

hollers of "Is the pool ready yet!?!"

water guns

water guns with Star Wars play

Leapster play

talk of Solar Energy

inside for "wanna see my ice age demo, [Boy N]?"
Of course he does. For a second.

Back outside,
back inside,

to the legos! for Madd

and then more 'speramintin' with water for her
and some harvesting for Daddy.

Breath for Mama,
oh!, and a beer...
(dang it's hot today)

and more lego play-- for both.

Playhouse Play
Dang, it's hot.

Mama gets a new (jar of ) :) beer and talks to Mama friend about Little Friend sleeping over tonight and then comes back outside to play posting catch-up,

and-- dang, it's hot!!

and Little Son is on JumpStart Third Grade.

And then JSW 2nd Grade.

And then Mama had a shower and oof, that's better and then she comes outside and Dang!, it's hot.

Friends come over,
more play of JS2G

swimming pool play for a second or two

Toy Story. With friends.

play play play

reading to friends

is there more?
of course there is, it's a sleepover....

it's 9:58.
They're in Trev's room playin with toys and readin and investigatin'.

Let's call that good, shall we?
Yes, let's.
Goooooood night then, sirrah.


  1. LOVE the Momma Circle! lol - that's inspired.

    Also love the reading. Love it.

  2. I do love the way you capture your days :-)


  3. Lots of fun - despite the heat! I am looking forward to August moving on out :)

  4. Mama Border--hehe. I'll have to remember that one.

    Lot's of awesome olm, as always. :)

  5. Wow, I really hope it cools down for you. The tramp. pics are hilarious!
    Oh, and still envious about that chef for a hubby!

    Lisa :)


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