Friday, August 21, 2009

august twenty: just beachy

the beach, the beach.
we were going to the beach.

(now you know that we didn't make her ride in the car like this, right?)

with friends!

even Annabelle had EchoEcho this time to pal around with.

so we dug

and drifted

and discovered

and worked together

and played together

and worked alone

and played alone

and chased

and read

and lazed in the sun

and lazed in the shade

and made up games

and ran

and splashed

and hollered...

and didn't come home 'til dark.

an' it was good enough.


  1. thanks for inviting us, we had a great time!

  2. It looks like the safest way to ride in the car! The hills in the back ground look lovely. Hope you all didn't get too burnt. My back still hurts from last weeks beach crusade.
    Love Melissa

  3. Aw, how much fun! Love the pictures.

  4. Oh the beach - just the best! Wonderful happy, warm pictures.

  5. Definitely more than good enough!

  6. Awesome! And what kind of fish was that? We don't have that here! What is it?

  7. You inspired me to check the weather report for one last hot day to make it to the beach. I found disappointing news. Thus, annakiss is really really angry at the weather forecast. She wanted another day for going to the beach, but not Tuesday. Not Tuesday! Why must it be 84 only on Tuesday!?!?

    le sigh.

  8. Wow! yours are so completely differently colored?? It is so sparkly and pretty! The CT kind has darkers bars that run down thedm. Regional I suppose... This is ours:

  9. I adore your blog. I am grateful you open your world up to us in blog form. You for sure inspire me to be a better mom. I tell every one about your blog, i talk about all the things you do with your kids, people ask me if were friends. Creepy right? have i crossed that line? lol! I just wanted you to know that you have definently touched my family and i think your a pretty awesome person. Thank you so much!

  10. Terri-
    What a nice thing to say!!
    And I'm way too complimented to be creeped out! :

    I have people that I only know in blogland that I call my friends, too.


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