Monday, August 24, 2009

august twenty-four

Maddie started her day with making tracks, bridges, and ramps for cars.

There have been microscopic investigations

raspberry pickin'

and we've donned our (a tad bit dusty) cleaning hats.

There has been cuteness

-which inevitably turned to cheekiness-

Love offerings made to Fine Feathered Friends

and much imaginative play.

We've watched a video on bones and muscles

and another on grand kid adventures.

We've begun reading Little House In The Big Woods

played with dolls

spelled Very Important Things

and admired -dutifully- our garden beauties.

the first one!

We've watched Pocahontas

requested books at the library

and played video games.

We've made wishes

played tricks on Mama


and written lovenotes on the trampoline.

And finally,
we've made a trip to the library.

No doubt the rest of the night looks like library books
-and possibly videos-
Mama's novel,
and (guiltily...) take out.

Yeah, still.
Life's good.

(yeah, 'net and phone are still messy. we'll see how that goes.)


  1. Your sunflower picture is stunning. I wish I could take pictures like that.

  2. What a harvest you will have soon from the garden!

    Can't wait for pumpkin patch time :)

  3. Particulary some nice shots of Maddie in that post. :)

    Ah, yes, can't wait for pumpkin time!

  4. Love the sunflower shot! Also reminds me to start looking for microscopes.

  5. Gorgeous abundance as usual! I have a lot of catching up to do!


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