Tuesday, August 11, 2009

august ten: tales of mud and open spaces

It was a muddy sort of day.

All Sorts of Mud.

There was this kind
and this kind
and there was the emotional kind inside a Mama's head.

There was the mud that one has to dig through to find whom gets to carry the banner of "Wise One".

Mud of failed

and successful
Scientifical Experiments.

Muddy Feet Shoes (Madeleine's invention)

funny Mudand serious Mud.

There's been the hard kind

(with talk and demonstrations of levers by Trev)

the soft kind

and the kind that makes yummy things grow.
Mud, of course, is sometimes a combination of Muck (which isn't always visible)

and Clarity (which sometimes is).
It looks like a child's imaginative (but unclear) games

and it looks like a Mama's clear intentions gone awry. : )

Mud is sometimes obvious(and obviously fun)

and Mud is sometimes complicated and involved.
We've experienced the Muddiness of children

-changing their minds twice in the same breath (and several times)-

and the murky Mud of a Mama's (resulting) sanity.

It's a good thing
that I Love Mud.

* * *

And then.
"Mom. Can we go to the neighborhood park?"
"Uh," Think, think, think....
"Um... Okay."
Which was a good call, as we got A Change Of Perspective. As Fine as Mud is, there are other things.
Daddy arrived home in the interim to escort us.

I love glowing bugs.

And so we got to change our view to wide open.
An' life is good.


  1. Life is good indeed. I loved the funny mud, the car piled high with mud is adorable. Whats going on in the Jars?

  2. lol...love your muddy post. When my big one was little I used to hide stuff in the soil for her to dig up - dinos, fossils, coins, etc ...she loved it. Maybe it's time to do it again. Thanks for sharing your day :)

  3. Wonderful muddy day :-)

  4. Great post! I'm a big fan of most kinds of mud myself. Good stuff.

  5. Now there's mud, and there's mud. Looks like what you got here is mud.
    That trout was so pretty. It made me yearn for a pristine stream, and some time to.....


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