Saturday, August 15, 2009

august fourteenth: play

We played.
Mama played cleaning in a piddly and slow and non-emergency sort of way
and there was reading play by Maddie
and dinosaur computer games played by Trev
and hanging laundry on the line
and Star Wars
and play with the baby as Aunt Sam (oh, how I love you, Sam) brought her over to inspect us.
There was this play
and puzzle play
and garden harvest play
and Daddy play
and this play.
Eventually more friends came over
and there was trampoline play
and swimmin' pool play
and play with a neighbor
and Pirate play (lots of that)
and noisy play
and rough play
and sweet play

...and eventually the day is done,
and we get to settle in for a weekend of cool, rainy weather...
which means for me more love coming from the hearth.
I can't wait.


  1. Those are some groovy Star Wars helmuts :0)

  2. Can I come and play?

  3. My son wants to come and play too! He saw the star wars helmet and kicked me off the computer so he could read your post. What is your daughters name and can we hear a bit of her guitar playing?
    Love Melissa

  4. I agree w/ Tara. Love the Storm/Clone trooper helmets. :)

  5. love the last picture... the way that there is so much pink.

  6. What a lovely day of play. We have a good chunk of the Star Wars toys I see in your pictures...

    Looks like a delicious day of fun.

  7. There is no work more important than play!

  8. Just left an award for your blog on my blog :0)

    Lovely photos as always..

    Gina xxx

  9. 5 Orange Potatoes8/17/2009 12:32 PM

    What fun! Love the princess playing the guitar!

    Lisa :)


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