Saturday, August 29, 2009

august 28: magic syrum

So I had this thought early on in the day that my babes were in sore need of play.
Wild, crazy, running, screaming, maniacal outdoor play.
Uh.... away from me where I couldn't hear them, if you please.
This mama has sensory issues with sound, some days are more intense than others.

We cleaned and primed the pool, and made sure the playhouse outside was in good order....and Mama was getting ready to bolt the door behind her. (Not really, I'm kidding. I never, ever would. I was really waiting for the gypsies to come so's I could sell them to them.)

While I was at the store (an hour plus of quiet, smiling people-- wow!) neighbors had shown up. Well, Blondie with friend in tow. A little while later Boy showed up.

Let me just tell you.... the whole thing was amazing.

They were runnin' and chasin' and hollerin' -Outside, of course- and I was eating (hmmm, it's amazing how quickly the body and mind are restored when one sits down to eat something) and reading and it was the funniest thing to me to see these two Star Wars heads with weapons raised bobbing past my window, as if they were on patrol. Which of course they were.
And there was a little dragon (in costume) pushing babies around in a pink stroller. And there was a Pirate Captain carrying a space blaster -and later a cutlass- with a huge hat on his head. And there were secret hideouts and invasions and secret syrums that you must use to recussitate your mate that came from the toddler's doctor kit.
Jenga Fett, Pirate Kings, girls bearing weapons of brooms and bug nets and wearing metal grocery baskets over their faces for protection... boys in mismatched gloves, raiding the downstairs for Things of Particular Interest like play money and ropes and furry hats and fancy gloves.
They all were wildly inventive, crazed, and happy, playing their Capture The Enemy game.

I took a few pictures, but I didn't want to get in the way, and most of these babes are neighbors, and I'll not be putting them up here, of course.

And then after hours and hours of play (and supper) they went home, with Boy promising to come back tomorrow.

My two hearts came in with settled spirits and light bodies... all of us smiling and peaceful again.

The last part of the evening was spent with us together in the livingroom, with mine and Trev's noses pointing in books.

We were once again at ease, in balance, and now reconnected.
Just what we needed.


  1. Oh, such a lovely day! Both to have some indoor peace and know how much fun they're having outdoors! I have sensory issues, too, and am grateful for any day when the weather's nice enough for outside play. When they don't want to, I go out myself. :)

  2. Outside is so important for sanity, it's no wonder they were so peaceful by night.

  3. What a wonderful, reguvinating day! And I thought I was the only mom who had "serious sensory issues." I love my kids dearly, but can only take so much some days.... Thanks for sharing.

  4. Mmmmm, yes. Days when I'm feeling like that I pack the kiddos up and go to the beach where they can holler and scream and jump and splash all they want and all I have to do is lie in a chair in the sun and sip ice water and watch it all unfold. Then we can come back home fully satisfied, having all gotten exactly what we needed.

  5. Extraordinary and wonderful! Sometimes it is exactly what is needed - running and screaming and playing... and then the rest is contented silence. Ahhh.


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