Sunday, July 12, 2009

road to home: rocks

Rocks rocks rocks.
Everywhere rocks.

We were up and out pretty early this morning.
Taking the long way home.
Sometimes on foot.

We left Escalante via Kodachrome.
We learned about the rock layers -which were visible- from the late Cretaceous and late Jurassic periods.Very cool.

And then to a lovely lunch at Clarke's Restaurant in Tropic.Where Trev read the menu. For the first time. That has to be a bit gratifying, don't you think?

Another exploration via Mossy Cave
Mossy Cave is a shelter, not a true cave, and is fed through a natural spring in its ceiling. In the winter icicles form from the ceiling. In summer it's a gorgeous, cool place with moss and raindrops falling down. Beautiful!...

and its nearby waterfall.
So many pink and orange rocks!So, so pretty.

And breathtaking Hoodoos.
Further down the road -a hundred miles or so- we stopped early this evening at Fremont Indian State Park
for a visit to their museum and to see (and touch) toys, tools, rugs, etc
to learn that an obsidian blade at three nanometers is 210 to 1.050 times sharper than a steel scalpel.Woh.

and to view 1.000 year old rock art panels.
We also were thrilled to find our second rattle snake!!
And to get to climb into an actual pithouse (never mind that it's not a thousand years old, it's made the same way) and to see the Fremont Indians' version of a granery.
After a couple of times of not getting to see and certainly not climb on or around such things, this was a real treat!

Oh, goodness.
It's time.
No more stops.We were homeward bound.

And now we're here.
Safe and sound.
And happy and tired.

And so...
all is well.


  1. Oh Stephanie, what an amazing whirlwind trip you all had!

    The rock art panels are gorgeous, as is the waterfall.

  2. Oh I am loving your laid back holiday!!! It looks so chilled out and relaxed. Not to mention very far from domesticity and chores! Brilliant!

  3. Gorgeous, wonderful, and lovely. That picture of the sleeping babe with the Leapster...adorable.

    What a great trip. Thanks for sharing:)

  4. Looks like a lot of fun.

  5. What a wonderful trip! I'd love to get out west and see all that stuff some day. And that pic of M asleep with the Leapster is hilarious!

  6. I so enjoyed your trip in photos. :) Thankyou. :)

  7. Just got back from a reunion and caught up on your trip photos. Too many cool ones to comment on, but the hoodoos *were* fantastic and I loved the one of Maddie passed out. Too cute.

  8. What a great and beautiful vaca! So glad your safe and sound at home!

    Lisa :)

  9. OH my goodnesss!!! absolutly heavenly!! loving the mossy cave and waterfall!! whata beautiful outing!!

  10. Sounds like an amazing trip! Beautiful photos.

  11. Lovely trip. It's good to come back to your blog.

  12. LOVE that trip. The rocks, the snakes, the mossy cave. what a treat!

  13. Wow wow wow!!! What an amazing trip Stephanie! So many discoveries and natural beauty! I think you'd get a sleepy backseat shot of me too if I had tagged along! How gorgeous!


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