Wednesday, July 08, 2009

on the road: the beginning

It's honestly not that I suppose you're enchanted by every small detail of our lives that I tell our tales.
It's just that.... I like the details.
The details are mostly where I find my smiles.

Like loading up the truck by the light of the front porch at 11pm.

and like this

and this
and waking the babes up and being on the road before dawn.

And like finding homebase

and all the romance that brings.
Not smile-worthy to you, I know...

but motel room air conditioners just do something for me.
I can't explain it.

It's begun.


  1. Much magic can be overlooked if one does not pause and wonder at the details ~ glad you share yours.

    Have loads of fun on your adventure!

  2. Family trips are the best. Lovely adventuring together!

    BTW, I am enchanted by your details!

    Lisa ;p

  3. I love the last photo! I am interested in the trip, keep posting!

  4. But we so love how you present the details--you make everything so poetic. :)

  5. Are you kidding??!! It's VERY exciting!!!! I LOVE road trips (as you may have noticed) and can't wait to see what you guys make of yours!

  6. Oh, road trip!!!! I always found the W/SW has decent motels in the midwest are to put this...used for other things. ;) Sounds like a blast!

  7. I always assume a blogger is blogging for her/himself and I'm peeping in to their life. :)

    Loving the old phone.

  8. A good many people could overlook the details and then complain about how life is boring and useless. You capture the details and wrap them up in a lovely package, complete with a bow, and present them here.

    I wish there were more people who could find the magic in ordinary life. :) It's lovely.

    Keep sharing.

  9. We do love your details....don't ever stop.

  10. How exciting!! Now that motel sink is somethin' else!!
    (I like the small details too!)


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