Friday, July 03, 2009

july two: cousins

When I think of childhood and summertime, today seems quintessential.
Seems to me today only needed dragging sticks along while ambling on the railroad tracks.

Our day was begun outside... painting and running.
Mostly at the same time.

And we turned things over to investigate the Things That Live Under.

We employed a couple of plastic cups for some classic fun.

And a couple more to check out air pressure and blast offs.

We dropped paint in a few bubble dishes
and created master pieces.
And played in and around the pool.

Came back inside to rest by the tellie when it was realized that staying up very late and waking up very early (being too alive and excited for anything else) was a bit much for even the most enthusiastic.
Some of us were introduced to the art of spinning (a big hit, that)
and weaving.
One of us learned to climb our favorite neighborhood climbing tree All By Herself.

And one of us caught tiny fish while most of us enjoyed the trying.
We enjoyed the playground

and wide open spaces
and even got to play in a warm summer's rain.

Eventually, regretfully, it was time to say goodbye to Cousins,
but they left us with Birthday Presents to console us.
awaiting their return with presents. serious business, that.

So we got to come home
and settle our bodies and minds
with puzzles and quiet
and 3d sidewalk chalk
and finally snuggles of a more quiet, usual sort.

Life is pretty good.


  1. How cute that all 4 look so much alike! It looks like they had such a blast together and what a bummer that they had to go. Oh, how I wish that my sisters had children....

    Lisa :)

  2. What a fun, full day! Great climbing tree-I can see why it's a favorite. Also, I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your writing style-you're a very gifter writer!

  3. Never do I miss you more than when I see all the kids together. I think I'll move back to Utah now.
    How much does nursing pay there? More than 65k? If so, we might seriously consider it. We have REALLY been missing our friends and family out west.

  4. You make me want to be 8 years old again and move in with you!! Love it!

  5. Why do I love it so much when you do feet pictures? All those little grass-speckled feet on the monkey bars are just too cute!!
    And btw, Kim does nursing really pay 65K where you are? If so, we may move there 'cause it sure isn't even close to that here in FL!

  6. Life is pretty good indeed!!


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