Wednesday, July 29, 2009

july twenty-nine: 87 degrees of Perfect

After breaking her fast first with a bit of cereal on the patio, Madeleine led me to the raspberry bush. Berries are few right now, but in about a week we'll have our second crop.
And she took me to the yellow plum tree for a tasty something.
And then to the vegetable garden to check out pumpkins. Which her Mama wouldn't let her pick. And to visit the squash.
And then she pilfered a sweet pepper, and it it was in her mouth in less than two seconds from being picked. You have to love that.

She ate the whole thing, too.

We checked on tomatoes...
and finally went to the front yard to see how the blackberries are doing. We sampled a couple that were soft, but whooee! too sour, still. We'll give them a week, we decided.

Time to
wake up Trev
pour a first glass of iced tea
watch the Peep video of the day (never mind that they can view all of them on youtube... this is still very exciting business around here)
and then play Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs.
Forgot to tell that he finished it a couple of days ago. Which is pretty nice... that will cut down our (always hard to take) wailing level quite a bit! (He still plays, it's just that since he's accomplished everything, he knows how to do it, and doesn't get so frustrated. phew.)

"Was there water during the Ice Age?"

Plum eating.
Lots and lots of plum eating.
I'm just thrilled someone likes them.

Baby bees.I think peppermint might just have the tiniest flower on the planet.

Cuteness.So much cuteness.
What can I say? I'm a mama in love.


and stories while lounging on the back patio

and play here.Let me just say that this rope gets so much action. I don't think there is a day that goes by that this rope isn't loved at least a little.
The bottom of the loop is a foot off the ground-- a great height for hineys, tummies, or a foot, and too low to be tempting for little heads. Well, plus for the first month after we hung it up last year all babes (including visitors) were watched verra closely.

More business.

While I watched Madd play with this bucket of sticky foam things I picked up the other day, I started looking at the various shapes and sizes, and had a thought that they would make excellent fodder for a story.
So I wrote a quick story on the fly... you can see the details here.
When it was done, I asked Trev what he thought, as he was quiet and still.
He gave a shy smile, and said, "That was excellent.":) Can't ask for better than that, now can you?`

Puzzelts. A whole stack of 'em, of course.
Evidently the creativity is just flowing today, as Maddie next came out with an icecream cone packed full of sliced banana. Which was sliced by Herself.
One must make do when the freezer is devoid of any sort of icecream, don't you know.
Uh-- must 'a been Good Enough-- because she went back for seconds.The second surprise (and evidence) of Maddie playing today with Me and My Camera...
cheeky monkey.

There was music making on various metals and glass.

And swimmin' pool play.

At which time Maddie comes up with "Mooooom-- Trevy is using violence!"
"He's using violence? And you want him to use his words with you?" Now there's a first. Usually rough-and-tumble is the only thing that works with Little Sister. She blithely ignores pleas and Reasoning.
"Well...." said her Mama, "...go tell him!"
And she did.
Wow!, I say. Amazing.
I'm not so twitterpated today that I think it will stick, mind you... but still. Impressive.

"Mom! When are are you coming into the pool with us?""Uh....... count to thirty!".....
Oh my goodness. 7:29? Already???
What's for dinner?

Mama gets a wicked, super-uber, delicious idea....
"Wanna walk over to the library, and then get Wasatch (local pizza) for dinner?"
Which is conveniently Right Next Door.
Now why not?
You know what they said.
So we did.

With whip in hand to fend off rogue dinosaurs,
a wagon to cart books,
and eager feet
we dashed off.
Had to hurry and get there 'afore the library closed.
Maddie evidently thought I had forgotten our last few lost dvd's and the poor state of my teeth from all the grinding, as was evident by her plentiful dvd selection.
With a liberal allowance, we set for next door to order and await our pie.
And eventually made it back home.

Now, honestly.
When given a choice between a clean house, and living a day like today...
what does a damn clean floor matter?

That's my story, and I'm sticking to it.
Er... literally.


  1. Agreed!!!
    And the collage of Maddie....the second one on the bottom row deserves an award. Absolutely precious.
    And I love that you call the things the same names they call them. Lauren calls the cupboard the "covered" but she can't say her "r" so it comes out "Cuvud" and we think it's so cute.
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. I so look forward to sharing your romps through another magical day...

    Our library is a bit stingy with it's dvd collection ~ limited to a measley 3 at a time - the horror!!!

    I'm with you on the leaving the dirty floor for another day - there is too much fun and goodness to be had :)

  3. Learning fun with the kids is so much more important than a clean floor! Plenty of time to clean when they are grown. That's what I say when hubby sticks to the floor ;)

  4. This kind of day will stick with them, even more than with you. And, by the way, it's not just you. Your kids are adorable. I should know, my 24-year-old daughter is adorable too :)! I put on her wedding last year. Love these days -- they are among the greatest of your life and theirs. But I think you know that.

  5. Amazing, once again, how your reading your blog brings such peace to me. Your days just seem to flow with ease. So enjoyable. So lovely.

    Your kids are so lucky. The sense of normal they live within is such a gift.

    Way to go, magical one!

  6. Library and pizza! YUM! That really was a lovely day. :)

  7. So much cuteness indeed!

    By the way, I thought yesterday's foamy language lesson was genius.

  8. That looks like such a lovely day. Frozen bananas taste just like ice-cream. We love them!
    I just gave you an award, here:
    Please don't feel obligated, just want you to know I like your blog.

  9. Oh I could just eat that little Maddie up!

    Lisa ;)

  10. Holy smokes, that was an excellent day! The pictures just kept coming, that's the way I like them!

  11. Awesome day!
    My big-boy ronnie (6) has eaten peppers like that since he was 2 1/2. Straight off the plant like an apple....and he loves trying new things freshly picked from the garden or just home from the CSG.
    Isn't it great to watch the little ones try something brand new?! He's even asked to try onion and garlic raw...and I have given him little pieces with the caveat that they taste sharper when raw than cooked.

  12. That last line cracked me up!!!
    Great day. Lovely pics, and your kiddos just keep getting cuter.

  13. I so love your photo's... such a snapshot of your wonderful days.
    Blessings and magic.


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