Friday, July 03, 2009

july three: a day in the garden

Italic"Here, Daddy. You take this and we'll have a parade."

The first handful of raspberries.

Making music.

Butterflies on Lavender

Honeybees on Catnip

Looking for more raspberries. There must be a few more red ones.....

Butternut Squash

Honeybees on Clover

the first Hollyhocks

searching out new Little Friends

and Offerings for old ones

play spaces

an afternoon nap for one

Super Mario and Donkey Kong (newly discovered) for the other.

Watching Mama and Papa Quail scoot ten or so babies across our back yard

and more love offerings.

All is well.
And Gentle and Fine.


  1. Very similar day! Love the bee photos, I find it so darned irresistible to photo a bee on a flower. I just can't stop it! Bees are just so animated and beautiful!

    Happy 4th!
    Lisa :)

  2. Look at the quails!!!! I can taste the sunshine when you write. :)

  3. Your photos are breathtaking...I can never get enough!!

  4. Stephanie your Summer garden is so alive!!


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