Friday, July 31, 2009

july thirty-one: summertime still rolls

trev reads a whole book. by himself. for the first time.
it was his idea. just found him in his room, reading.
i tried my best not to be mama-excited.

Happy Harvest weekend to you.


  1. Happy Summer, to you! So exciting about the reading, too. :)

  2. love that shot of maddie & trev together. ;)

  3. Yeah, I've had to hold down that mama excitement too - every time she went towards a book instead of a toy, lol.

  4. I will need to find our halk board and put it outside I think! (sorry, no bottom row keys on the left on my keyboard anymore!). I also had to hide my eitement and the silly grin on my fae when N read a (basi) book to himself all silently. My wee boy seemed so grown up!


  5. What gorgeous, gorgeous photo's! The kids look so happy and alive, doing all the fun things that kids should do. And I would have been mega mama excited about the first book reading! Yay! A whole new world xo

  6. Love that 7th picture down of the kids together.

    You have every right to be mama-excited. What a lovely day :)

  7. Could your pictures be any more amazing?

    Could your kids be any more photogenic?

    As always, your day looks magical.


  8. Congrats Trev! That's quite an accomplishment. I'd be mama-proud too. :)

  9. Water bombs - excellent fun!
    You must be super mam-proud with Trev's reading. He must feel so, so proud of himself. You go, Trev!
    Such beautiful pictures. Have a lovely week.

  10. hehe, mama excited :o)
    adore the last photo!

  11. Happy Harvest!
    We had an exciting harvest...a tree gave itself to us...falling a bit on our house....
    Not quite what we had in mind.


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