Wednesday, July 01, 2009

july first

I keep thinking that the Summertime posts will come to an end, and that we'll get back into the usual way of things.
But each day it turns out Not To Be. It seems that we're lovin' and livin' the hell out of Summertime Life right now.... squeezing every last drop out of it... [grin] and it's only been a week or so!
What's a Mama to say to that??
Nothing to say or do I guess, 'cept to hold on for the ride.

Swimmin' pools
(along with plenty of Mario, Spore, and Sonic, of course in the early a.m.)

made up games with cousins

dinosaur movies

planning an Outing with Grammy



a tea party


artpainting with watercolors en plein air

making friends with other locals
and Scouts

a picnic!
and butterfly chases

a romping game of hide-and-seek in the forest

and making friends with horses.


and back to games

and movies

and laughs and laughs

and a swimming pool

and celebrating Summertime.

I guess they figure why mess with a good thing?


  1. Gorgeous summertime photo's that have made me smile and warmed me up! Ahh...summmer!! xox

  2. Summertime is a good thing -and too soon over so I say whoop it up!!!

    Lovin' the butterfly nets.

  3. We have had the same issue here. :) We love our summertime!


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