Thursday, July 30, 2009

july 30: gettin' jiggy

Madd started out her day with library Dora videos.
Imagine that.
Trev began his with Ice Age, and then we sat down with Math Blaster for an hour or so.

Madd moved onto Clifford, and Mama just moved on. (Trying to make up for so much playin'.)

The day was full of busy-ness.
Business busy-ness. :)

Played with puzzelts

and bug nets

watched Dinotopia

we played JS World (2nd Grade)

we bought and downloaded JS Third Grade for Trev,

learned that carbon makes both pencil leads and diamonds

hung out with Daddy

Maddie has played various preschool cd's

we've made peanutbutter cookies

Maddie found a feather and asked what it was to make sure... it was really soft - much like Annabelle's hair...
so we looked at it under the microscope
-had no idea that feathers were barbed-
and then had to look at Annabelle's hair
and then Maddie and Trev's hair just to make it complete.

Now Madd's playing Arthur
and Trev's back to Ice Age.

Not terribly fancy.
Just busy. : )


  1. Peanut butter cookies, yummy! I meant to make blueberry muffins with Ronin this morning but the day took flight in another direction.

    To be honest, I had no idea that feathers were barbed either. :)

  2. busy busy bees you are all of you. bzzzzzz bzzzzzzz :)

  3. Now I have that song in my head!

    Sounds like another lovely day :-)

  4. Full day.

    How does Trev like Math Blaster? I'm still scratching my head over here about the dreaded MATH !!! Do you get to blow things up on the screen?

  5. It's about a boy who is on tech/space/futuristic missions. Out to save the world, of course. Sometimes you blow things up - giant electronic spiders, robots out to get you.
    And you shoot down wooden barriers in doorways and stuff, to get to the answer.

    A part of the mission will be
    "8 - 6=" (for example) and you have to go hunt down "2"... by adding "+1", "-2", etc.. then when you have the final answer, you take it to another 'doorway'.

    The game is expansive, and includes division and multiplication.

    Trev likes it!

    It's been around for a few years... we have the latest (blue) version.

  6. Ooh, interesting juxtaposition, Stephanie--pencils and diamonds! Ooh, that'd make a good poem....


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