Tuesday, July 28, 2009

july 27

Our morning began with all sorts of deliciousness.
Eventually we were on the road.
"Mom, what's five minus twelve?"
"Negative seven."
"Is there a negative ten?"
"Yeah... everything that can be a positive can be a negative, too."
"So... if everything can be a positive or a negative... where to they meet up?"
A great question, huh? "At zero," answers his Mama, smiling.

From Maddie in the back seat, "Hey, look at that cloud over there! It looks like a piece of popcorn.
And that one looks like a seal!"

"What would happen if a cloud got in your mouth?"
Don't you just love car talk?

And yeah. Her face just about always has some sort of decoration on it.

A day well loved and well lived.


  1. As always, your pictures amaze me.
    I see a few different series of notecards!

  2. I have to tell you ... I don't comment often, but I read/view every post. You are an ispiration to me and my family!
    Although our lives are playing out quite differently, I am thankful to learn from your experiences!
    Thank you!

  3. Thanks so much, Renee.
    Your comment means much to me.

    * * *

    Thanks JHRM! A lovely compliment.

  4. A picture of Annabelle! We don't see her often. Love it.

    And, yes, car conversations are the best. When their bodies are strapped in, their minds seem to wander farther and deeper.

    I love Maddie's always decorated face. I have one like that. No, wait, two like that. Better make that three. We'll stop there.

  5. Car talk is so awesome!
    And Alden always has something on his face too. Ah, the easy joy of young children.


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