Saturday, July 25, 2009

july 24: a holiday...

...with friends.
how lovely.


  1. Lovely indeed! I'd forgotten that yesterday was a Utah holiday.

    This year was the first in a long time that we missed the celebration in my husband's hometown (in Wyoming - the valley he is from is a Mormon stronghold). It's amazing - they do a big potluck dinner, a candy drop (a little crop duster airplane flies over and drops candy for the kids), and then a huge fireworks show.

  2. Lovely holiday. Here I was thinking you were talking Learn Nothing Day.


    It looks warm and lovely and happy where you are!

  3. What could be beter than a summer holiday with friends?

    Love the pool pics :)

  4. I love the rose petals in the pool!
    lisa :)

  5. Your firework photos are gorgeous! And the rose petals in the pool are so lovely... looks like a wonderful day.

  6. Stephanie it looks like summer is treating you well. How did your garden turn out?


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