Wednesday, July 22, 2009

july 21

the day started out with expressed independence....
by way of Toast.

and there was drumming...
on various things and checking for different surfaces and tones.

and moon sand!
and raspberry pickin'

...and bones bones bones.
Maddie is fascinated with her bones right now, so we came up with the idea of tracing her outline -something she's big on- and filling it in as best we could with bones.
During this process, Trev woke up and said "Cool. I saw something like that on Curious George."
"Really?" I've gotta watch that show once in a while.
'Course, we had to check out several of our books, too.
Maddie decided she wanted to put in the stomach...
which meant more books
and play with our body.

Grandma came for a visit
...and got charmed into reading stories and learning about the day's favorite computer games and playing imagination games (of the little gril pink sort).

Rubbings (bones, of course)
play with multiplication

cleaning cleaning cleaning! (oof).

Trev got a Lewis and Clark Exploration card game for his birthday.We've been thinking about it for a few days, wanting to play... today we finally did so.
It was fun!
We got to learn a bit about several creatures we aren't familiar with, and learned that Clark's Nutcracker is actually named for Captain William Clark. Cool.

Trev tinkered with the body a bit, and we talked about cartilage. Trev told us that octopi are made of cartilage and not bones, and that they can squeeze through many small spaces. Didn't know. (I just figured they were made of muscle, or something, not necessarily cartilage.)

More skeleton rubbings

and body assembly
no bake cookies

and running a couple of errands.
Which looked something like waiting-in-line-f0r-twenty-minutes-at-the-first-place-and-then-locking-the-keys-in-the-car-at-the-grocers-and-walking-home (in the very hot)-to-get-daddy's-keys-and-then-getting-back-to-the-store-and-trev-coughing-s0-hard-that-he-vomited-hotdogs-at-the-store-entrance. hmmph.
Good thing that was at the end of our day.

Ah, well.
All is well, now... and it really was a fine day.
'Til tomorrow, then.


  1. Check out this octopus!

  2. Wow - what a day! The retelling of the end of the day was especially lovely. :)

    Bones are so fascinating, aren't they? My boys love to trace their bodies and then try to figure out what organs go where.

    And thanks, Trev, for the tip about octopi. Didn't know that either. :)

  3. Your day's are so wonderfully full... I do things like that all the time, locking the keys in the car. It's so irritating. Yesterday I took my car down the road for a service. I walked all the way home in the HEAT and then found that of course you can't open the door if you've left all the keys at the car shop. Had to walk all the way back to get them *sigh*.
    Blessings and magic.

  4. Got to get us one of those cool take-apart bodies!

    Nice octopus fact, Trev. I had no idea, either--assumed they were muscle.

  5. That's cool about octopi - I didn't know that either. Lynch family's video was very cool - we've watched it three times already and Ains is now downstairs digging around for her beanie baby octopus.

    Remember this video? ( The end of it is especially cool.

    I love how full your day was, and then to end like that ... at least the vomiting was another lesson about the body, right? :)

  6. You and Mama Tea make me see the beauty, discovery, and ease of well, letting our children discover what it is that they want to learn. I'll definitely be stopping by again, :-)

  7. Some days end better than others! We saw a picture on octopi on discovery the other day and they can actually fit through a gap the size of their eye - all our hoods were completely grossed out by the whole eyeball thing!!!

  8. Awwwwww! I love the day of anatomy! :)

  9. Owen would sure enjoy a body model like that to explore. Your life size skeleton is wonderful :0)!!

  10. I'm thinking we need a body model like that. Very cool


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