Saturday, July 18, 2009

july 17: in tune

I've been pondering our days of late and wondering if the substance -or lack thereof, as it sometimes seems- is a good thing.
We haven't done many science experiments, haven't met anyone new and cool in history, our timeline sits on our wall quiet and frozen.

And then I remember most often the rhythm and doing of our days is decided upon by Mama Nature and these two little children.
And so books are drug to the patio. Spoons are taken out to the garden. The first steps of the day usually go directly to the warming raspberry bush. The pool is espied and judged for its friendliness. It is remembered that there is still enough icecream for one or two more cones, and Mama remembers where she left her Things To Make or Things To Learn About stacks of books.

It's summertime.
The natural rhythm is different from a while ago.
The rooms we play in are different.
Instead of sitting at the kitchen table, we sit at the patio to play and make.
Snacks are eaten while lying on the trampoline, waving one's feet in the air.
Rocks are turned over, hummingbird visits are counted, dragonflies are named, favorite lakes and ponds are discussed and planned for, and most everything we do -mundane or magic- first begins with Outside.

Yesterday (and today hopefully Mama will finish) cleaning house was on the agenda.
It's so hard! It's so hard to spend time shining something up that (desperately needs it, but that) you only see in passing through to Outside!
My stacks of herbal books call me.
A new color appears in the veggie garden that must be investigated!
A glass of iced tea clinks on the patio, demanding to be appreciated.

Such was our day yesterday.
Such is our life.

Last night we packed up a picnic dinner and headed to a favorite nearby park for Movie-in-the-Park-Friday.
We were meeting friends there. With giggles and running and pillows.

Life in the city isn't all bad.

And I ponder the things coming up in our next few days... a family barbecue, watching Hopi Native American Indian dancers, outdoor music concerts, nature investigations with Earth Scouts...

...and I'm left thinking,
Well? How else would you have it?
'Tis Summer's time.
Let Her Be.

And so I shall.


  1. I can't imagine going contrary to nature's seasonal flow. Sounds like you all have your rhythms.

  2. Good for you! I try to remember to let the things "just be" more often in the summer. My Type A personality has trouble with that sometimes so I need plenty of reminders. :) The movie in the park looks wonderful.

  3. Mike and I were just talking about how we missed the concerts in the park that always happen in SLC.
    Very delightful. I love summer with all of it's laziness.

  4. Steph,
    I found this and thought the littles would like it.....
    Love you!!

  5. Stephanie,
    I think you all have it spot on. Just perfect for summertime. Barbecues and music and dancing and lots and lots and lots of outdoors. Summer, please stay much longer!
    Best wishes

  6. I teared up at this post. I adore my two sweet boys and I too love the summer time. :)

  7. I loved when I realised that the learning really does ebb and flow with the seasons and it felt really special and wonderful that we *can* work it like that.

  8. I was just thinking the same thing ~ wondering about some projects I could pull out ~ I'm going to resist the urge stay loose and lazy.

    Glad you are flowing along with the summer and enjoying it's magic :)

  9. Sounds pretty perfect to me Stephanie!
    It is a lovely way to spend summer days in 'outdoor rooms' learning and living on natures time!

  10. Lovely... so true and so wise. This helps me, I tend to try to force things... Let Her Be!
    Thanks for reminding me.
    Blessings and magic.


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