Wednesday, July 15, 2009

july 15

Their Mama began her morning meditation by harvesting a few herbs that are ready.Chives, lavender, catnip, peppermint, oregano, yarrow, raspberry leaves, and lemon balm.
Big plans for concoction making for Lammas-- the first harvest holiday.
In the quiet and the easy early morning light is certainly a gentle time to begin such an endeavor.

Trev's been interested in pretty serious math concepts... funny how he's asking about multiplication (and algebra, for that matter) before he gets a firm handle on addition and subtraction.[grin] Good thing we do things the way we do. Bring it on, I say.

"Mom... do you mind if I use your cat and dimorphodon and orthicone as goons?"Thinking he was going to smash them, and that they had an awfully short life, I asked, "Goons?"
"Yeah. You know.... minions."
"Oh," Smile. "Sure. You can use my guys."

Hopscotch on the trampoline.Well, Maddie called it hopscotch... really it was Find the Letter.
"Find the letter B! B is for baby... and ball... and baboon... and bicycle..."
Funny that Madeleine knows a lot more letters than I thought she did.
Earlier I had found a piece of chalk, and wrote an A on the tramp.
"Hey!" Shouts Trev a while later. "I have an idea! How 'bout we write all 26 letters of the alphabet around the tramp!?"
There you have it.

Icecream cones.
(Rice milk, for Maddie, of course.)

Pool play.Well, and Peep play.
So often when they play in the pool it's about Quack and Peep and The Pond.

A dragonfly swooped by for a while to see what the wild play was about.
We're wondering if it's our friend George.

Among pool play, we had to stop and look up piranhas from the ice age, and found this article about the megapiranha. Cool.

"Mom. What time is it? At 5:30, I'm going to give you the entire Prehistory."
I don't mind telling you I choked a bit. "Really?" Um.
"Okay. I have an hour and ten minutes, then." whoof.
"That would be seventy minutes," says he.
Turns out, he was planning to narate with props (tv), and I put him off 'til bedtime.

Trev's back to the dart board.
And now practicing addition. ("Sixteen plus seven." "Nineteen plus six." He's gotta keep score, you know.)
"Mom. Will you play with me in a tournament, sometime?"
"How far back do you have to be in a Darting Contest?"

Herbal beads, anyone?
Mama thinks, "Peace, friendship, prosperity, wishes, magic."Which means lavender, sweet pea and daisy, tomato, sage, cinquefoil. And one to grow on-- rose, for love.
Shouts of "The British are coming! The British are coming!" come from the babes while playing.
To tea? Thinks Mama.

More pool play.

Dad's home!

Garden Love.

Bare bums in the evening sunshine.

Time to figure out dinner...

then off to the drive-in!
We're off to see Up!.

And that'll finish our day.
'Til tomorrow, then.


  1. Oh, I'm so jealouse of all that lavendar. Someday...

  2. I wanna come play at your house... sigh.

    Owen is all over the math map, and that's fine with me.
    He really just wants to do geometry and leave the rest until he's 30.

  3. What a lovely day! How I wish I had a tramp for writing letters on :)

    Did you enjoy Up?

  4. Love the herbal beads! Anything herbal makes me happpy!

    Funny, Fauna is not catching on to subtraction and addition very well, but enjoys multiplication and will spend a lot more time learning it. We bought JUMPSTART "Premimum Edition" Second grade for her and she is LOVING it! I have to watch her though because she will spend her whole time in the darn pet store if I would her! Thanks so much for recom!
    Lisa :)

  5. Oh *sigh* can I come and stay at your house?! What a cool Mama.


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