Friday, July 24, 2009

days and days

"Want me to read to you, Mom?"
Sweet words, indeed. He had to ask what "muscle" was-- but did fine with "landscapes". Needed help with "dominated" and "surroundings", but did just fine with "position", "highways" and "byways" and "difficulty".

"Mom!," he says with a beaming smile, "Come see this...."
Turned out to be something very, very fine...our very first ripe blackberry.

Peep videos.
And sweet Peep play.

And Scouts.
And our days have looked like stuffed bunnies and "Read this to me, Mommy.",

and bug nets

and admiring Harold and Maude the Goldfish

and raspberries

computer games

painting with water

harmonica playin'

fuzzy jumping spiders

and favorite icecream treats.

And so...
All is well.


  1. My Remy is a fan of fuzzy jumping spiders. :)

    That blackberry looks SWEET!

  2. Sounds delightful. Love the Harold and Maude fish-that was a favorite movie of mine during HS.

  3. yay for blackberry season!!
    your days look pretty perfect to me : )
    beautiful photos Stephanie!

  4. My cat growing up was Maude as in Harold and.


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