Thursday, June 18, 2009

thankful anyway thursday

I've never participated in Mon's project, but it feels appropriate today.

The messes make us crazy sometimes, but I'm thankful for them anyway.

While it irritates me to no end sometimes that my children (er, and sometimes Eric... and even once in a while myself) feel safe to just drop something wherever suits them...

and while I do get overwhelmed sometimes in so many [ahem] Projects being out at once...

and while Things Made In Love never put their parts and sundries away....

I'm still very grateful.
I'm grateful that we have the freedom to explode life when we like.
I'm grateful that we truly live, and feel safe and so completely loved and accepted at home.
(And we all push the limits sometimes, believe me.)

And I'm so, so grateful that we get to work our magic to sparklify this house over the next day or so in preparation for three days of magical celebrations... a Birthday, Summer Solstice, and a party with little friends and cousins.

Messes can be a good thing.


  1. 'sparklify' is a great word! :)

  2. Love it. As I look around at the giant mess called Our House, suddenly, it doesn't bother me quite as much. Thanks. :)

  3. I like this post. Too often I get lost in my Mom/cleaner of the house role to really see how valuable it all is, and how much I will miss it when they are older.

  4. "the freedom to explode life when we like"

    oh that is so good. so good. i'll need to remember that one when someone comments on my disarray. lol


  5. I enjoy Mon's Thankful posts, but have never done one myself.

    I liked this one. When the creative (or even not so creative) messes threaten to overwhelm me, I remind myself that we are incredibly lucky to be in a position to have enough stuff to be so messy with.

  6. My house is a mess right now. I'm thankful that my kids are free to make messes, even have fun while doing it :)


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