Monday, June 29, 2009

summertime rolls

oh, goodness.
we're back.
(I finally just wiped out my laptop and started over clean again. something we do around here every year or two. irritating work, but tis nice to have a shiny computer again.)

our days seem to be one celebration of summer after another.the children have been welcoming it with arms thrown wide and much enthusiasm... all new to us since the rains have finally stopped.

all of a sudden it's truly summer,

the gardens have changed their colors and blossoms from the freshness and surprise of Spring to Summer glory,

the days are long and lazy...

we're living and breathing Summertime.

the mama has been feeling a bit disconnected from The Usual Grand Adventures, as i've been occupied with computers and cameras,

but that all changes now.

we're back...
and now we're off!

It's Little Son's birthday tomorrow, and today is the day of the Family Celebration.
('tis best to have two or three days for one's Birthday Celebration, don't you agree?)

Lots and lots of fun planned for today.
We'll see you tonight!


  1. glad to see you back ;)

  2. missed you. love you.
    even though i dont alaways comment, im always readin'.
    typin one handed with a babe on my lap.gttttttttttttfr ccccd. that was her foot hitting the keyboard.

  3. I think a week or month is the appropriate time frame to celebrate the wonderful event of one's birth. Have a fabulous celebration today. :)

  4. Hope the birthday celebration is grand!

  5. What a sweet and beautiful post. I have been trapped inside for three days due to a yicky cold.

    Enjoy it for me!

  6. So summery.
    Glad you have your computer trouble sorted.

  7. Glad to hear your up and running again:) Lee's brother wiped out our laptop, so we've got that again, but are trying to locate (Jumpstart) and load everything back on it again.

    Happy Happy birthday to Trev! The boys are excited about today.


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