Tuesday, June 02, 2009

june two: creating

We've had lots of adventures the last little while, and so this Mama found herself thinking Create! today.

Sometimes all you have to do is look... and you'll find it.

We've created:

Bubble Juice
looms for Earth Scout belts
an Imaginary Playland (there's The Pond
Peep's Can the Dump, and many other relevant places of Play)

jiggly Playlands (this one involved a pool, Xavier, a house, and Xavier's ears)

music (this is a piano. Obviously)

a house
Yarn(let me just say....that roving that we dyed has made beautiful yarn, friends. I can hardly believe that it's true, as I was totally unfamiliar with every bit of the process -including working with wool- but I am so pleased with this project. For truly inspiring Fabulousness , visit here)

an ecosystem
a Raindance
shelter in a fierce storm
and much Camaraderie.
Not bad...
...considering it's just The Way of Things.


  1. Love the Peep can and the photo with Dad!


  2. Soon i'll get yarn.
    After dying'I'm going spinning or felting or maybe weaving.
    I love the canyon and desert! It's beautiful!!

  3. What a fun day!

    I love Peep's can and the looms for the belts are great.

    Imagination.... pretty wonderful examples.

  4. love the yarn! looking at your pictures, I want to make some! will you show me how?

  5. Perfect! Joy, discovery, beauty, love and imagination--an absolutely perfect day!

  6. Looks like a great day. I love creating. So much fun! Lovely photos... very inspiring! The yarn looks fabulous.

  7. Love that hummer!! :-) OT: Is Chef Magic's restaurant veg-friendly? We'd pop thru in route to Antelope Island in a few weeks :-)

  8. Fun stuff! I, like everyone else, love Peep's Can. How great is that?? And the picture with Dad is great.

  9. jj - I'm so glad you mentioned it, I have been thinking for two days... "Who told me they were coming through!?" Shoulda known it was you as you're on to The Big Move.

    Here's a link to dh's restaurant, and I'll let you decide.
    If you're going to stop in, let me know the day, and if he's there (which is likely) I'll tell him to expect you.

    What do you want to see while you're here???

  10. Who wouldn't want to have days like that everyday? So fun!

  11. Love this! The joy of play!
    The piano playing pic and the weaving are so great!
    We love to make "bubble juice" around our house too!

  12. Wow! You have been very busy! I'm going to have to learn more about yarn-making - your photos are so beautiful.

  13. Thanks, Stephanie! The menu looks great (especially the beer ;-). We'll be through on the 20th of June if all goes well. Which location is DH working? Planning to camp on Antelope Island unless you have a better recommendation. Just staying one night, I'm afraid...pressing on - ever on - to Seattle :-).

  14. This is just a beautiful post, Steph.


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