Monday, June 01, 2009

june one: explore

Beautiful desert

including fantastic sandstone formations
bat guano stained caves

lizards aplenty
and high-in-the-sky (so high in the sky) swallow spit and mud nests.
Up the canyon, then, to

hot springsa orb-maker spider's web. (We don't see those too often.)

and a snake skin
Pass the dwr people on the way and talk to them about what they're doing.... just beginning a survey on the river. We decided that maybe we'd talk to them on the way down, if we saw them.

Shortly we see a sandpiper

a Cicada
a beaver's dam
and up we go into even higher country.
So, so beautiful.
Our home territory is very generous with its landscapes.... you can go from red sandy desert to lush mountain forest habitat in a matter of a couple of minutes.

there were caterpillars

mountain bluebirds

hundreds of wild flowers

bones of a predator
I think these are Melissa Blues.
Coming back down towards home with our hearts and spirits full-to-bursting,
what do we see,
but an incredible Great Basin Rattlesnake.We were thrilled, let me tell you.
Eventually we left him to his business, and thanked him profusely for sharing himself with us for several minutes.

A little while later Daddy gets his wish and we do, indeed, meet another fine specimen named Mr. Bull Snake.
(these are Maddie's hands)

Snakes tickle, you know.

We find the dwr people and they show us the cutthroats they are surveying.... and Good News! the non-native German Browns are not to be found..
We finally arrive at Frog Country (which is where we'd planned to go all along)
and enjoyed the last gifts that Mama Nature had for us today.
It was an incredible day.
We are blessed.


  1. Oh my. I so miss that desert and mountain thing. My husband was looking at the 'ideal' job for him in New Mexico and it sent me down memory lane for a bit. Your photos are the icing on that cake.


  2. All of your days are magical, but this one seems more so than usual :-)

  3. Beautiful, heavenly, wonderful!

  4. What a day. Beautiful.

    And your dog looked like she enjoyed herself also!

  5. So I start at the top and I say - oh wow... and scroll a bit down and Oh Wow some more... and then OH WOW - what a day ! What a fabulous day! totally fun - love it - glad I only had to see the snake virtually!!!

  6. Such beautiful photos, and such wonderful landscape.

    What an excellent day :-)

  7. WOW!
    Can I come visit?
    It might almost be worth seeing those snakes!

  8. Oh, this looks like our kind of day!
    What a great adventure, and so many beautiful creatures along the way!

  9. I know it's been said, but WOW! A lot of people live their entire lives without seeing as much natural beauty as you guys saw in one day! :)

  10. Stephanie, all I can say is simply AMAZING!!! Beautiful.

    Lisa :)

  11. What an amazing place to live. Your pictures are beautiful!

  12. Yes you do live in an incredible place. So beautiful although I don't share your comfort with snakes! Ooooh-- you guys are brave! Thanks for sharing this.

  13. Thanks so much for sharing the incredible photographs. They have motivated me to plan a road trip.

  14. Too lovely! What a wonderful record to have forever of 'just a day'.

  15. Wow. Stunning photographs and just an amazing array of cool critters!

    The butterflies are lovely and the snakes are... well.. kind of scary but still really cool :0)

  16. just got a chance to look at the whole post. Wow! What fun discoveries, and great pictures! I think that's the main thing that has kept us in Utah all these years is the outside world. We still have lots to discover here in our own backyard.

  17. My girls really enjoyed your pictures from your fun filled day. Especially the lizard, butterfly and snakes.
    Thanks so much for sharing with us :)

  18. So many cool pics, I don't know what to comment on first! I love the diversity of your place. The desert stones are like sculptures. The (what are those? aspens? birch?) caterpillars nestled on the tree were amazing. And what a beautiful butterfly. I can never seem to capture them on film. They always flit about, evading capture.

    Sweet, Stephanie!

  19. Omg! My dream day!I am glad you were given the mother nature magic so freely and abundantly that day! Great snakes...

  20. I LOVE this post... how is that little fury fellow?!
    Thanks for sharing on Friday's Nature Table.
    Blessings and magic.

  21. All lovely photos. Especially like the sandstone formations.

  22. What a learning experience and a magical way to spend the day! What a different place from our home in the Pacific NW - my girls and I love seeing the variety in what can be experienced on a nature hike.

    Are those army worms (the caterpillars in the tree crook) - they look like the ones we used to have fill the neighborhood trees when I was a kid in Texas.

    Love the pictures of the swallow's nests.

    Thanks for sharing it on the Magic Onion's Friday Nature Table - I bookmarked your blog.


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