Tuesday, June 09, 2009

june ninth

Well I finally feel like it's a normal (quiet: no plans) day.
I'm embracing it very enthusiastically!
('Course, we're just starting our day as I begin this post....)

Maddie woke up and immediately started doing puzzles... it's been a while
Trev woke and got on the computer... he's been playing a chess/checkers-like game at the Night at the Museum website.

Next up for him was a site he used to play with long ago... Wonderville. Check that one out, it's pretty cool.

[Insert groan here... the damned dog got ahold of the damned duck. Evidently she was in serious predator mode today... I chased her out of the garden -where the tractor was- several times, and she then went around and snuck in again.
Sigh. 'Bye little Peep - thanks for sharing Yourself and Nature with us as much as you did. We honor You.]

After tears, discussing Nature and instincts and all the other things that such an event will bring forth, the babes headed back to the computer and then the tellie for Peep videos... I think they were processing, and needing the gentleness and humor for a little while. Well, Trev did, anyway... Maddie was pretty matter-of-fact about the whole thing.
A level head, that one. Er... the only one in the family, I think.

We bought lots of koolaid the other day for dyeing our wool.
Not very organic, I know, but the colors are bright, and they're relatively inexpensive for a lot of dye. And we're not far enough into it to dye with marigolds, onions, and beets yet.
So we've had some fun with that... today we had enough colors to do some mixing and customizing.
The results included some really beautiful colors and patterns.
Playing pretend. The adventures of the current favorite... you can guess which one.

To the beads!
Rotate and shape and firm.

"Mama... I want to get a brick ... and put it... and make it fly up in the air.... Can I?" asks Madeleine, ever the Experimenter.
"Uh, no. Bricks flying up in the air isn't a good idea. It might come down and bonk you on the head."
"No!, not like that, like this...."
"Ooooooh," says Mama, seeing the light, "...you want to build a catapult! Go for it."
Yup.Soon enough she got her big brother in on that play.
More connections, thinks her Mama.

Kazoo play

icecream cones

cleaning' the pool.
You know. Just in case it ever gets warm and the sun shines again. (This last fifteen minutes of sunshine has some of us tricked and hopeful...)

Into the garden....
- - -

poisson rouge for one and js2g for the other...
which means Mama gets to plant herself next to Trevy and play with him....
(you know how I love that...)

Maddie has taken off (and left her computer on, of course) and Trev and I are sittin' there playin jumpstart on his, "Hey, Mom, listen to this...." he leans over and unplugs her headphones to her poisson rouge game-- it's the choir one... he laughs, and says "It sounds like The Gods of Love."
lol-- It does sound like the meditation music on my ipod....

and back to jumpstart

and then to Magic School Bus Volcano

and over to MSB videos

and then Mama and Maddie settled into the couch for Bugs! A Rainforest Adventure (a fantastic film!) while Trevy continued his MSB video marathon....
What can I say? Mathematics, geology, human biology, physics, zoology.... I don't have a problem with it. We value learning, and embrace many resources.

Maddie's and mine film is over, and she's sleeping peacefully.
Daddy will be home soon.
I ask Trev if he'd like to play checkers or something before bed
and he says No.
"I'm learning about Joints and Muscles," says he.

So be it.
Let me just reach my book....

'Til tomorrow, then.


  1. R.I.P. Peep :-( Love the ending to your day!! :-)

  2. Beautiful pictures! Sounds like a perfectly lovely day. (Minus the Peep incident. Sorry to hear about that.)I hope you were able to reach your book at the end of the day...

  3. Goodbye Peep! Sounds like a very full day. Thanks for the Wonderville resource-that looks very cool.

  4. Poor peep.

    Damn dog.

    The Wonderville site sounds familiar- I'll check it out.

  5. Bye Bye Peep. Beautiful pictures.
    Sounds like a nice day.

  6. I am so sorry to hear about lil peep. That totally stinks.

  7. Sorry about peep:(

    Still loving the wool.

    I'll have to let Damek check out that website Wonderville, it sounds right up his alley, thanks for sharing:)

    Love the catapult idea, we still want to build one over here, maybe after we get back from camping we can get together with Lee and his power tools and build a couple?

    Love your wild garden shots!

  8. Julie - would love to!
    I'm wondering if we build the one I want to out of the pipes, if we'll launch things over the fence!
    We could build one to throw pumpkins in your yard! :)

    Now wouldn't that be fun!?!

  9. Sadness for the peep. I was so hopeful, cheerin' him on....

    Stephanie, on another note, I want to tell you what I appreciate about you and your writing. You dive into things and begin. Sounds silly, but it's something I have a hard time with. There are so many things I want to do, and I want to do them just so, ya know? And because I want things just so, I never get to them. Sooo, kool-aid it is! How satisfying....

  10. Oh, and, what a gift to your children!

  11. Poor peep. I've been there. Damned dog indeed. Instinct's a wonderful thing... sometimes.

    Glad to hear the rest of the day went well.

  12. AWW, NO! Sadness from the creeklings. N.I.P


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